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Posted on April 6 at 10:12 a.m. (Suggest removal)

bianchi deseserves better treatment--he is a very nice guy who screwed anyone hecould not finishing work he started at many homes in schenectady not keeping promises to homeowners to do work and never showing up to work--he is an idiot but if he was a popilizio who owes taxes all over sch'dy the city would give him all the money bianchi needs lets be fair herif the popilizios can get away by not paying their taxes so can mr bianchi

From: Will poses challenge to Barrett Street property acquisition

Posted on November 11 at 11:24 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Mr. Golub himself has never been present to any of the public hearings to hear the complaints from the residents who live in the proposed building site--Golub Corporaton is big enough--i know their is no limiting businees developement because of the freedoms that all Americans have to develope their ideas but enough is enough--the town refused Wallmart a building permit to develope the old Rotterdam Republican Club area but now it seems that the town will now let Golub Corporation the right to rezone a residential area and develope the largest warehouseing facility in the area--WE the residents of this area do not want this to take place--it will definetly destroy the country feel of this beautiful town WE call home keep the industrial part of Rotterdam in that area that has been in use since and before WW2--not destroy more trees and wildlife habitate for furthur industrial deveopement--if Mr. Golub lived in this area which we have for over twenty years he would not like it either--nobody told Golub to buy nioce houses and tear them down just to think that they could build new wharehouse space--now it has been disscussed that Golub Corporation is in accqusition phase to accquire the properties accross the rosd from the proposed building site so there will not be any oppostion to his growth--in that case buy everyone of the homes in this area rename the area Golub Parkway and do what you wnat--then there would not be any opposition but that will never happen--Rotterdam Planning Commission wake up dont let this happen now or in the future--stop complaning about billboards distracting from the beauty of this town and stop the insanity--

From: Golub revises plan to relocate road

Posted on October 8 at 4:08 p.m. (Suggest removal)

a $3.36 increase in taxes in Rotterdam when we are already assessed at 100%--something does not sound right with this--wouldn't we be paying 103.93 percent with this increase?--stop the insanity and these unjust increases--jan e. greene

From: Rotterdam eyes surplus funds to avoid tax hike

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