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Posted on May 6 at 3:42 p.m. (Suggest removal)

John seems to be hitting on a point that I brought up at the last City Council meeting. I contacted another local municipality on the paving project. $426K is TOO MUCH for 1/2 mile of road. At $1.25 per sqft for milling and paving, a 2-lane road 30 feet wide for 1 mile (5280 feet) costs $198,000. That make 1/2 mile under $100K. Where is the rest of the money going? Does the price go up in Schenectady? If there's no milling and just paving, the price cuts in half. I'm no expert on the roads, but I know how to get answers. If they are taking that much extra for this project, what else are we, the public missing? City Council MUST be held accountable.

Joe Kelleher
Candidate for Schenectady City Council

From: Schenectady Council tweaks plans to spend federal grants

Posted on April 25 at 7:43 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Just a few issues with this article... First, I moved to Schenectady after my wife, Linda, and I were married in 2012. While that may not be long, I believe that my actions speak for themselves with my community involvement. Second, what is misquoted is that the people need ANOTHER voice opposing the city council majority and true political diversity. Vince Riggi shows time after time that he is an independent voice. Lastly, this seat belongs to the people, not a party. It's up to the people to decide who represents them.

I'm willing and open to talk with anyone who wants to learn more.


From: GOP endorses Kelleher for Schenectady City Council seat

Posted on November 2 at 1:50 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Thanks, Kathleen. There were a few points left out of this article, though. I went to school and was raised in Saratoga County. Yes, I ran for County Exec, though dropped before the primary to return home for some family matters. I was in PA for only 9 years. If that makes me a carpetbagger, what do we call a woman who relocates to NY who has NEVER lived in the state and becomes a US Senator?

By the way, I did vote here, I'm not a member of the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party (though they have some great points) and I have no clue what 'board' the Dems are talking about.

If this is how Schenectady welcomes people who want to take an active role in their community, it's no wonder people want to leave. The voters have the power at their fingertips to fire those who have done nothing and hire fresh talent that will speak on their behalf. I'm not going away and I will continue to be a voice of the people who are willing to be civil and discuss the issues that we all care about.

The mailer was a final effort of a party that's falling apart at the seams. I have plenty on them, but refuse to play the game. The business of the city is at hand; that needs to take priority.

It's time for the people to take back their beloved Schenectady! My heart and life are here. I'm asking to be your voice.

Joe Kelleher

From: Some Schenectady Democrats irate over mailer attacking GOP

Posted on June 3 at 10:06 p.m. (Suggest removal)

I had the honor and privilege of being the Master of Ceremonies and guest DJ at this year's event. The entire ADA Team was a pleasure to work with and were grateful for every penny raised.
Around 2:00 in the afternoon, the skies opened up with rain and lightning leading us to run for cover. Nonetheless, I can't thank the hundreds of riders and volunteers enough for their heartfelt efforts.
Joe Kelleher
Candidate for Schenectady City Council

From: 2,500 help diabetics in Tour de Cure ride

Posted on June 3 at 9:58 p.m. (Suggest removal)

A few months ago, I was contacted by a member of the mosque regarding the fact that the city was approached about this property to utilize it for parking with plans for a community center in the future. The mosque was informed that there was already a party interested in it. Allegedly, the mosque offered $55,000 which was declined as the city advised it was worth $72,000. Although selling the property to the mosque would take it off the tax rolls, the mosque could pay a PILOT as many other non-profits in the city do already. Inasmuch, after I began to ask a few questions, the blocks went up (coincidence?). While I agree that this city property should not be used for the residents to store personal property, it is vacant, city-owned property which does nothing for the city being surrounded by blocks. The $5000 spent on those blocks would have been better utilized to make it into a timed or permit parking area to at least get use out of it until a buyer came in. If nothing else, it may have increased the value.
As for Mr. Erikson's comment about lowering the taxes by selling this to taxable buyer, the amount of taxes it would save the residents per year would not be enough for a gumball from their favorite vending machine. The city is yet to lower taxes by selling one of it's properties to a taxable purchaser. It's a nice thought, though, Councilman. I'm certain that the people would like to know when, if ever, the city has lowered taxes.
What's done can't be undone as far as initially putting up the blocks. However, once the property is sold or reused, these blocks would make great use as barriers for blocking unauthorized vehicles from the Woodlawn Preserve.
Respectfully submitted,
Joe Kelleher
Candidate for Schenectady City Council

From: Islamic Center may lose bid to buy Schenectady site

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