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Posted on March 24 at 9:20 p.m. (Suggest removal)

The Union College documents were an essential part of background and examined closely. Pre-1913 flooding occurred in Frog Alley portion of the "Great Flats" on the GE-side of State Street. The noted stages are not necessarily from the same datum, but the big picture is clear. In addition, the NYS Engineer's monthly "Barge Canal Bulletin" offered many historic insights re planning and building the canal structures, especially for Locks 7 and 8. The hydrologic quantities can be voluminous, but the hydraulic resistance and/or obstruction are the keys. The three-story Lock 7 Dam shows very clearly to be the culprit in FEMA runoff-profiles et al, as also in those produced by Canal Corporation consultants. 1914 should not be the bar. Irene and the many, many lesser runoffs, even the "10-Year", are the reality from which the Lock 7 Dam emerges as a unique inducer of threat and inundation for the Schenectady area, because the impounded reservoir's volume near Lock 8 denies the saving bottom slope-following drainage available before 1913 and emergence of the Lock 7 Dam.

From: Retired architect continues quest to alter Lock 7 dam

Posted on May 18 at 6:19 p.m. (Suggest removal)

I apologize for my erroneous comment re videographer Mike Whelan after I somehow missed the credit you did give his fine work.

From: GE’s Nancy Fitzroy is subject of latest Wizards of Schenectady video

Posted on May 17 at 3:26 p.m. (Suggest removal)

This exemplary story of Nancy Fitzroy's purposeful life as written by your talented Bill Buell is outstanding. After reading it in print this morning, I thought "Why is Nancy's dogged work to evolve solutions to problems labeled as 'Science'?" As Bill's wording clearly states, Nancy is a superb engineer, excelling in a world very needful of engineering solutions. All of us should understand the difference between investigating and
research - science - and producing practical applications from what science informs - engineering.

When I decided to copy and send the electronic edition to several young learners, I was jolted to see it relegated here to "Seniors". Nancy is ever-youthful despite being 85, and her vital lessons for youth in this day of STEM are not well-served by the implied restriction of interest to AARP-qualified and ages beyond.

That Bill Kornrumpf's astute observation - Nancy's profound expertise in heat-transfer has very broad applications in the world, listing the wide range - is missing in the online version disappoints as a failure to state why her participations and accomplishments justify her inclusion in the Edison Tech Center's exclusive "Wizard series.

Likewise, that Mike Whelan's role as the skilled videographer and resourceful producer of this fine life-story is missing in the online version is more than disappointing. Each of the Gazette photographers get credit. Mike Whelan deserves no less.

Other than those points, I'm VERY pleased with Bill Buell's story about Nancy - what great material as a start!

Jim Duggan

From: GE’s Nancy Fitzroy is subject of latest Wizards of Schenectady video

Posted on May 17 at 2:38 p.m. (Suggest removal)

This investment by the Hume family is an excellent move, of itself operationally and as a means of further increasing local print journalism's appeal in the community. That the Gazette has gained readership is encouraging, and I hope the range of advantages by this investment will increase the rate of gain.

Jim Duggan

From: Gazette buys press to cut costs

Posted on January 13 at 7:24 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Thank you, Daily Gazette, for your support of this need affecting the canalized riverside communities of eastern Schenectady County.

Peace, Jim

From: FEMA flood scope should include Lock 7

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