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Posted on January 27 at 11:18 a.m. (Suggest removal)

I hope they do rebuild soon. It was so nice having a local alternative other than Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. The owners were really nice people who didn't deserve this fate. Hope they get this firebug going after local businesses too.

From: Cops say fire that destroyed Glenville cafe is suspicious

Posted on January 15 at 2:55 p.m. (Suggest removal)

One of my friends t-boned another car on route 7 in Troy recently because a well-intentioned motorist stopped in the right lane to let a car out from a side street, and that car simply pulled out and into the path of my colleague who was traveling in the left lane. Fortunately traffic was slow and no one was hurt, but both cars were totalled.

From: Thanks to staff at the Mynders Group home

Posted on January 15 at 2:44 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Should have more open stream access laws like Montana where as long as you stay below high water mark or do not damage, litter, or trespass over private land to access a stream, river, etc., you can travel through. If you accessed the stream from a public bridge or boat launch and stayed below the high water mark you could float over or walk\wade along a stream bank to fish it.

From: Court: NY paddlers can use stream on private land

Posted on January 14 at 11:31 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Van Buren ends at Swaggertown Road, not Sacandaga road.

From: Glenville eyes high-ropes partnership

Posted on December 31 at 11 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Ever been to Northern Idaho? Its really conservative. Listening to talk radio there makes guys like Sean Hannity seem like liberals in comparison. Firearms in that part of the country are a way of life and it's no big deal for people to carry firearms openly or concealed. If you're living 50 miles from the nearest town and far from any local law enforcement, you need to be self reliant and able to protect yourself and your family. There are lots of big critters in the region to contend with too. Its quite different than living in the Northeast as a comparison. This is a tragic incident for sure but don't stereotype these people as all gun nuts aligned with the NRA and in self-denial. Seriously, how often do you really see anything in the news from Northern Idaho or Montana? This is a local tragedy being used as a tool for political gain - nothing else.

From: Idaho boy, 2, accidentally shoots, kills mother in store

Posted on December 29 at 12:57 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Why is this article informing readers to call some local number? If this perp is found in the region, just call 911 and describe his appearance and location.

From: Scotia police search for alleged slasher

Posted on December 15 at 5:04 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Darn, My golden retriever really wanted a nipple ring and tramp stamp! <sarcasm>
Seriously, do people really do this stupid stuff to pets?

From: NY bans cosmetic pet tattoos, piercings

Posted on December 15 at 8:47 a.m. (Suggest removal)

If a public entity is budgeted for X number of dollars to cover costs of fuel when it was much higher cost, and the price then drops for an extended period of time, where are those savings going? If at the end of the budget year, prices of fuel remain low as they are now, I would certainly hope that allocated money goes toward this needed infrastructure. But then again that might make sense. Go after that money and stop even thinking about raising taxes.

From: GE retirees can find other health coverage

Posted on November 24 at 11:22 a.m. (Suggest removal)

So if all the retailers simply pay the $100 fine mentioned above for not opening, I would think it would send a huge message to owners after shoppers go visit a mall full of closed stores on Thanksgiving Day. A hundred bucks is probably nothing to one of these mall chains. All it takes is just one store in these malls to start a small 'shopping rebellion' to get this holiday back.

From: Some see red as Black Friday becomes Black Thursday

Posted on September 8 at 2:39 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Give away a free SUNY education? Seriously? These same students, once they realize just how much it costs to live in NYS, will take that free and portable degree right back to Texas or elsewhere smiling all the way for getting a free education from NYS taxpayers! Only way to beat Texas or other states is to foster a business and tax climate that makes businesses want to come here to NY like these other states obviously have done already. Many out of state parents send their kids here now because they aren't shouldering a $10K+ school & property annual tax bill from their communities and can more afford to send their kids to an out-of state school.

From: Lure best from Texas schools to boost New York economy

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