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Posted on November 8 at 12:22 p.m. (Suggest removal)

you can donateto the American Red Cross at all Price Chopper stores at the register.

From: Local groups collecting to help Sandy’s victims

Posted on April 6 at 12:34 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Currently, there are 16+ spaces across the four properties. The so-called improvement plan calls for 11. How is this "much better for everyone", Mr. Gillen?! And who pray tell is working on a parking plan that will EXPAND the amount of parking available in the growing business district? No one, I fear. Not the City officials, business leaders and Metroplex representatives who worship economic development and certainly not the neighbors to these four businesses, who are either not affected by the seizure of this property or drooling over their opportunity to capitalize on the new general parking space for themselves!

This is not just about beautification and safety. No one has evaluated or proposed a parking plan for this vibrant corridor that will suffice for the next 5 years, much less the long term future. And yet, those who insist on ramming their singular proposed plan through, have not a stitch of respect for what is being sacrificed. They threaten to abandon the parking project altogether or to simply put up a curb that prohibits all off-street parking. Their non-collaborative, "all or nothing" attitude is offensive.

And when will the property owners whose valuable frontage is set to be taken from them be offered some compensation? Cash? a decrease in taxes? Some sign of good faith?

From: Bridal store owner wants Schenectady to rethink parking plan

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