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Posted on March 29 at 3:14 p.m. (Suggest removal)

If the City is tasked with maintaining the streets within the Casino site...then the residents of the city or their elected representatives should be allowed to name any street...or at least approve of it's name. Considering the tax breaks and other concessions granted the developers, they should not be given carte Blanche in every endeavor. This Casino may or may not be a boon to the city, but it never would have happened in the first place without class 'A' monetary allowances being demanded by developers and granted by the residents of the city...and residents should remember that on Election Day.

From: Mohawk Harbor street names headed for council vote

Posted on April 28 at 7:01 a.m. (Suggest removal)

There were "rumors" of a house of ill-repute being up on the third floor of this building back in the seventies. I have no first hand knowledge of course...
but it was there, and by all accounts quite a nice place. Very nice.

From: Metroplex to provide $15,000 to fix up facade on Union Street building

Posted on April 21 at 8:04 a.m. (Suggest removal)

...okay Will1960, any individual with a lick of sense knows it won't happen as laws exist today...but the constitution at one time excluded women voters, the sale of Alcoholic beverages, or voting before 21 years of age. All those laws were changed constitutionally, so don't pull the that old card.
The US constitution also has provisions built in for special circumstances in the event of National or local emergencies, such as martial law. The states have the right of write their own laws within the constitution of the US and the state's own constitution.
If politician's worried more about their constituents than reelection, I would wager some smart lawyer out there could find a near perfect work a round to get a law with much more teeth in it passed.
I might still be a "Law & Order Zealot" after enactment...but I would be a safer "Law & Order Zealot" wouldn't I?
BTW...if I am a "Law and order zealot" because I want my family to be safe to live their lives...what might your all in one designated label be....?

From: Man shot in front of Schenectady store

Posted on April 20 at 8:08 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Designate certain areas of the city "special" zones. In those zones give the Police special powers to question, search and detain individuals meeting certain detailed specific criteria. Make any area in the City (or County would be even better)a special zone on any given night. Enforce the hell out of those purposely vague zones and lock up anyone deemed a threat.
If people begin screaming about their individual rights, tell them that went out the window when they and their neighbors condoned and even encourage such bad behavior.
Good people have civil rights too, and parents should not have to fear for their safety just to go visit a Grandmother and beloved Aunt on Easter weekend...or any time.Make these animals go somewhere else. Step on toes, kick some butt and stop the animals from hiding behind the dresses of those who put the civil rights of the criminal above those of the good people of the city.

From: Man shot in front of Schenectady store

Posted on February 28 at 6:43 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Gee, Rotterdam is such a garden spot to live in, who wouldn't mind and extra $100 bucks more a year to live in such splendor? This will make it sooo much nicer because those who do little to maintain the appearance of their property will have even less incentive now, but more importantly, how about the elderly? Many are unable to physically haul trash to the dump without the town picking up their debris, now they have to choose between medicine, heat or that pesky yard build-up? Who needs blood thinners? Blood pressure pills...or that expensive water I need to swallow them?

"Sorry kids,Gramps died today, he had to skip his insulin to get the town guys to pick up the leaves from last winter, but the yard looks great!"

From: Rotterdam increases water fee, adds new yard waste pickup fee

Posted on February 7 at 11:13 p.m. (Suggest removal)

That's okay, they used video technology invented here to mask technical errors created there to dupe the millions watching on tech perfected here. Hmmm...seems nothing has really changed over there, except the Russian criminals are much better than our due.

From: Russian TV shows doctored video of Olympic rings

Posted on January 5 at 10:46 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Can't fix stupid.

From: Schenectady foot pursuit comes to wintry end

Posted on October 16 at 11:08 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Did anybody at the board of education, and city government do the math...or did they all attend city schools and fail miserably at arithmetic? A roughly 29% increase in enrollment would not cause any noticeable difficulties...not to mention that a large percentage of the new students would be from neighborhoods different than those traditionally attending Mont Pleasant? Anyone remember the old Linton Mont Pleasant rivalries? Anyone remember the turmoil experienced the first year of the Linton-Mt. Pleasant merger? What are we paying these officials for? We have their salaries, the cost of increased Police presence, the cost of training and hiring new help to replace the staff running for their lives away from the Middle School...and the cost to the welfare system when we have to pay for medical treatment when the little idiots and their "parents" finish beating themselves bloody.Did anyone seriously think this through?
How much did the Board of education really save the city by combining the two middle schools?
Wait until people start dumping their homes in the city, so their children can go to decent schools. Tax revenue will suffer. Wait till the homeowners find out the homes they own in the city are worth far less than they thought because nobody will want to buy a house in Schenectady because the schools are so terrible. Tax revenue will suffer even more. Less tax money means less money to throw at the education 'problem' so a horrific education mess guessed it. A whole lot worse.

From: High enrollment blamed for Mont Pleasant woes

Posted on October 12 at 4:21 p.m. (Suggest removal)

The genesis of the problem here is as simple to define as it is complicated to correct.
Reproduction without consequence, without conscience and without accountability.
Somehow in this society we allowed the basest of all human drives to go unchecked. We reward promiscuity with additional welfare payments, additional government payola and no practical realistic oversight with consequences. Baby Daddy, Baby Momma...terms a generation ago that never existed, and if they had, would have been whispered in low tones so others would never hear...are badges of public pride today. Never mind we may not know or can't find the baby Daddy for children numbers 1,3, and 4. Baby Daddy #2 is around, but he can't or won't pay child support, because he doesn't have a job, or has to support kids from other Baby Mommas numbered 2-4.
Don't believe that isn't the norm rather than the exception. It happens in those 'hoods ( another wonderful term )on a regular basis. Ask your local welfare worker, or child services advisor. They can tell you tales that will spin the hair off your head!
True family units are far and few between in many neighborhoods in the city, especially with the 17-28 demographic in the poorer neighborhoods. Single parent homes, Grandparents struggling with children thrust upon them by their own negligent offspring tasked to raise good kids in an atmosphere where disrespect for all things good is the norm, leads to the anarchy we are experiencing now.
I don't have a simple solution, the solutions I support would result in the liberals who claim no responsibility for this mess jumping off bridges in despair.
But who knows, maybe a few jumpers might be a good place to start...

From: Schenectady middle school issues grow

Posted on October 12 at 7:50 a.m. (Suggest removal)

No one should be surprised considering the rampant proliferation of one parent, or no parent homes in that section of the city. It would be interesting to know the statistics as to familial and economic make-ups. Our society has gone to hell in a hand basket, children having children, third generation welfare "families"...elderly grandparents raising children. How many of these kids have parents that actually work? How many of these kids come home to a two parent home?
How can the schools expect students to have respect for rules, when they have no respect for themselves? We learn respect from our parents, our mentors and our community. The community these children exist in has no respect for itself or the people next door or on the next block. They have few role models, especially no role model in the home...
Good luck officials ...I certainly don't envy you.
( Here's a tip readers: Invest heavily in companies that provide materiel for prison construction and infrastructure...the forecast looks rosey!)

From: Schenectady middle school issues grow

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