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Posted on December 11 at 6:15 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Do they have one for white people?

From: 'Driving while black' apps give tips for police stops

Posted on December 11 at 12:41 p.m. (Suggest removal)

I guess time will tell, but far as I have seen in the past victims of these type of crimes rarely turn out to have been just minding there own business being pillars of the community. You guys all hate violent gun crime and feel for the family why not dig a littler deeper and see whats really going to stop this stuff without accusing people of prejudice?

From: Schenectady shooting victim 'a really great guy'

Posted on December 11 at 6:58 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Im just wondering how its possible that everyone who becomes a victim of
violent crime is reported to have been an angel their whole life. Maybe this guy was I don't know but there should be other information included if he was not so that others can learn and kids don't look up to whatever lifestyles leads to these murders.

From: Schenectady shooting victim 'a really great guy'

Posted on December 10 at 5:31 p.m.

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

From: Schenectady shooting victim 'a really great guy'

Posted on November 29 at 4:06 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Chuck no need for public discussion so shut up, and after a safety check there is no issue with testing the trigger pull you fool squire.

From: For local gun shops, a Black Friday bump

Posted on November 10 at 3:19 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Chet you are a sore loser.

From: OK, Republicans. It’s your turn to govern

Posted on November 10 at 3:16 p.m. (Suggest removal)

People need to learn what assault is, you are making yourself sound foolish.

From: Saratoga sheriff's deputy resigns after misconduct charges

Posted on October 22 at 9:29 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Yea because committing a crime is not crossing the line in schenectady, crime on a play ground now you got something!

From: Schenectady man gets prison for selling drugs near elementary school

Posted on October 18 at 3:48 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Change the grievance board they are corrupt, they know there is a problem yet they reject almost every grievance for "insufficient data" even when a full appraisal done by a licensed professional is presented. The people that figure out how to take it to court have been winning 100% of the cases the board rejects with the same evidence that was presented the first time. Maybe if those bums have been doing their jobs over the years this problem would not have gotten to this point.

From: Schenectady mayor backs off reassessment suggestion

Posted on February 4 at 3:35 p.m. (Suggest removal)

New guys better not screw this up, do not change anything!

From: Peter Pause restaurant changes hands

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