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We've printed millions of stories since we began publishing The Daily Gazette in 1894. Our archives are full of local history and have long been a rich resource for our reporters and editors.

Until recently, public access to our archives has been limited to the reels of microfilm kept at the local library. While microfilm duplicates the actual papers we printed, it is difficult to read and frustratingly laborious to search.

Computers are changing all that.

Today, there are a number of different ways you can search our archives including a new Google-powered search that essentially allows you to search our microfilm from your home computer.

You can begin your search at the home page of, which includes a link to our three different kinds of archive searches.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What searches are available?

A: There are three different searches. Which one you use will depend on what you're looking for and when and where it was published.

*All of the stories and blogs we've posted on our Web site since the site was launched in December of 2008 can be found by doing a simple search of our Web site. That data is available by entering your search terms and choosing the first button on the search box above.

*All of the stories we've published in our newspaper from August 1997 through today are archived with Newsbank, a private company which maintains a searchable database of stories from our newspaper as well as hundreds of other newspapers around the world. That data is available by entering your search terms and choosing the second button on the search box above. Click HERE for advanced search options.

*Stories we published in our newspaper before 1997 can be found using the new Google news archive search. The search now goes back to the 1920s but will go back to 1897 once Google finishes digitizing our microfilm from those years. That data is available by entering your search terms and choosing the third button on the search box above.

Q: Are there any costs?

A: Newsbank: You can search Newsbank for free, but Newsbank charges $2 if you want to read the entire story.

Our Web site: You can search our Web site for free, but you must be a paid subscriber to read the entire story.

Google news archive: You can search and access all the content for free. The technology doesn't allow the stories to be printed or downloaded, however.

Q: Why can't I find something in the Google news archive search that I know was published in the newspaper?

A: Google is still in the process of digitizing our microfilm and the archive cannot yet be considered comprehensive. When the work is complete, however, the gaps should be eliminated.

Q: How many Daily Gazette articles has Google processed so far?

A: At last report, Google had processed 7.6 million articles.

Q: How does the Google archive search work?

A: Google is using "optical character recognition" (OCR) technology that allows you to search for a particular word or name. Of the 7.6 million articles processed so far, you can search 2.1 million for a particular word. Eventually, word searches will be able to be done on all the articles. Once you have results from your search, you can click on one of the search results to take you to that story, as it appeared on the page on the day it was published in the newspaper. The link takes you to that day's entire paper, which you can browse page by page.

Q: Are there limitations to the Google news archive searches?

A: Yes. Because all the articles have not yet gone through the OCR process, there are many articles that a word search will miss.

Also, OCR is still an imperfect technology that occasionally mis-reads letters. A scan from a May 1943 story converted "Mr. RooseveltÓ" into "Mr. loosevelt," for example.

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