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Should U.S. Supreme Court proceedings be televised?

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Yes 69% 182 votes
No 30% 79 votes
Total Votes: 261

Note: This is not a scientific poll.


March 26, 2012
4:53 p.m.

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wwchura ( wwchura ) says...

This is not without its dangers, like the grandstanding and balderdash that's regularly spouted by Congressional speakers on CSpan. But I think "fresh air" is good.
w. chura

March 27, 2012
7 p.m.

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ARGH ( ARGH ) says...

Just a random thought... it could have happened to anyone:

I see the supreme court house and contemplate the similarities of America's monuments to those of other (mostly extinct) civilizations. That is, "Is it best to? How can we? Why bother?".

Of course it is natural to pose a survey question like, "Should U.S. Supreme Court proceedings be televised?"

Now my reality check: Can you see how such a small group (similar to our electoral system) is akin to "Why Bother." Can you imagine trying to speak for every individual? (Now is probably not a good time to throw in New York State's Redistricting concerns.)

Yes, air the chamber. The pretty Spanish marble floor is worth displaying. Just remember, this is you tax dollars at work. Did everyone eat tonight?

March 28, 2012
8:50 a.m.

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Santino ( Santino ) says...

@ ARGH, can you please try English the next time you post?


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