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February 6, 2012 Poll Results

How much weight should students' state test scores be given in teacher evaluations?

They should play a key role in evaluating teachers 42% 110 votes
They should play a small role 43% 111 votes
They should not be a factor 14% 36 votes
Total: 257 Votes

Note: This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


February 7, 2012
8:55 p.m.

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This is very obviously not a scientific poll -- is it a question of body weight and, if so, the weight of teachers or students? And what/which evaluations weigh more, students or teachers?

February 9, 2012
9:08 a.m.

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It is difficult to say that performance on one test, held one day, is in any way an indicator of student performance or teacher performance. This "all or nothing" one day test philosophy is short sighted and does no justice to students, teachers, principals, or families. We want our children to have college and career options, this requires them to be able to read, write, critically analyze, evaluate, and have solid basic knowledge. This is more than a single test; this is an educational process.

How about developing a mechanism that actually looks at where the student was when the school year began and where they end up. How about spending the resources on teaching rather than layers of reports.

February 10, 2012
2:50 a.m.

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If a mechanic doesn't do the job they are suppose to there is failure, if an Engineer doesn't do the job they are suppose to do...there is failure...when someone is doing the best they can do...there will be success....not failure...if there is a problem with the system..then it needs to be fixed....those who are in the position of responsibility and power to make change, can if they wish to. When your focus is on self and self preservation you will have failure. When the focus is on what is right for the student and the taxpayers supporting this will have success for all...instead of one special interest group. It can change. It is a choice.

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