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Will you be eating less ice cream now that prices are rising?

Yes. It's getting too expensive 49% 105 votes
No. It's a treat, and I'll pay whatever I have to 50% 106 votes
Total Votes: 211

Note: This is not a scientific poll.


May 12, 2011
11:15 a.m.

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acostanzo ( acostanzo ) says...

eat less ice cream.... yeah, that's a good one....

May 12, 2011
6:20 p.m.

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airedale1950 ( airedale1950 ) says...

It's not the price that deters me, it's the underhanded reduction of carton size, without notification that stops me from purchasing any brand other than Stewarts.
If our friends in Saratoga keep the carton size at a 1/2 Gallon, I won't care what the price is, I'll buy it.
The rest of them tried to slide the smaller carton/same price deal past I will never buy those brands again.

May 13, 2011
7:22 a.m.

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march84 ( march84 ) says...

Stewarts ice cream is the best anyway!! And they have great specials if you pay attention.

May 13, 2011
9:07 a.m.

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Starman ( Starman ) says...

I asked a Stewarts employee; The Cows got a raise??? When do I get mine???

May 13, 2011
2:34 p.m.

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lovemysonj ( lovemysonj ) says...

I agree that Stewarts is the best!

May 15, 2011
9:45 a.m.

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MDogsMom ( MDogsMom ) says...

I'll buy less in stores and make more of my own!

May 15, 2011
3 p.m.

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SchenectadyScott ( SchenectadyScott ) says...

Stop buying it...then you will see the price drop like a rock..It is not gasoline for crying out can live with out it...


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