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June 4, 2011 Poll Results

Should New York state allow hydrofracking?

Yes 42% 128 votes
No 57% 175 votes
Total: 303 Votes

Note: This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


June 6, 2011
12:49 p.m.

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I voted no, but I could change it if the recovery companies were more open about exactly what they are pumping into the ground. I'm worried when I read about polluted wells in PA. Need much more info.

June 6, 2011
4:44 p.m.

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Here's something that the government, the hydrofracking companies or the media is not telling you: Congress passed a law exempting the companies from having to comply with environmental protections and holding them harmless if they pollute your water. Can't live in or sell your house because your water is trashed? Tough luck for you. This law was a gift to the companies from none other than Dick Cheney. Wonder how much money he made off of that decision?

I say absolutely not.

See the documentary "Gasland" for more information.

June 6, 2011
6:52 p.m.

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Both the utility, and oil companies have clearly stated that hydrofracking will do nothing to benefit the consumer, so why, given the massive downside, would we allow it?

June 7, 2011
5:38 a.m.

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Geez, Bush and Cheney are being blamed for this now too!!??

Is Dick Cheney also responsible for your mother's hysterectomy, your dog's fleas and the moles in your lawn? It must be true because I saw it on TV by golly jeepers!

...psst!....I also heard on NPR that Cheney is really Joseph Stalin....!

June 7, 2011

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Its not just about whatever secret formula fluid goes into the ground, it's what comes back up through the rock strata with the gas and water that is the real pollution contributor I think. The process is unlocking all manner of chemicals in the bedrock like Radon and Benzene, etc., that are probably just fine if left alone way down there, then forcing them back up through the gas wells which pass through the water table. That tasty brew is not what you want to find in your drinking water. All this political blamesmanship about Cheney, et al., is just whitewash to me and obscuring the real scientific & environmental issues with emotional responses. If your well is polluted once drilling commences, you'll have a hard time proving anything unless you have a valid base-line analysis done of your water before any drilling started, and even then it'll still be difficult to go up against these gas companies. I doubt many people at all have spent any time or money doing this baseline water analysis to protect themselves. It's also not the Gas companies I'm really worried about either, it's their subcontractors. If just a couple of them take shortcuts to save money on fuel trucking this water around, and start extracting water from protected streams, or dumping wastewater illegally so they don't have to drive to wherever the filling\dumping stations are located, a lot of severe environmental damage can occur in a short period of time. Sure they can be sued for illegal dumping & extractions, but once the damage is done, it's done, and it's too late. Take a drive down to Northern PA and have a look around where they are drilling right now. Ask yourself if this is what you'd like Southern NY to look like in a couple years if fracking is permitted here? Is the short-term income gain going to be worth all the long-term damage done to the landscape and water supply? We can live without cheap Natural gas, but we simply can't live without clean water, period. There has to be a better way of getting this gas than hyfro-fracking. I don't know what it would be but this is definitely not it.

June 8, 2011
1:38 a.m.

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I found this in the Times Union

As an environmental toxicologist, I can list the toxic chemicals added to the millions of gallons of water that frackers will use in our Southern Tier to extract natural gas, along with their effects on you, your children and the environment. But there is much more to lose if hydrofracking is allowed in our state.

I live on a 3.6-acre property facing the Shawangunk Ridge. When I go out back, the stars blaze in clear skies because there usually are no lights from my neighbors. I feel like I am camping because I can smell the earth and vegetation and hear the insects.

Think about the quiet of our neighbors that will be destroyed by trucks driving past 24 hours a day, the ecosystems damaged or destroyed by new roads and their runoff, and the end of country dark by lights blazing on drill rigs if we allow fracking in the state.

We all need to back up our vulnerable fellow New Yorkers who are under attack by the profit-seeking natural gas drillers. We who live here need to protect our state.

Andi Weiss Bartczak, Ph.D.


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As I stated earlier, the utility and oil companies THEMSELVES stated that hydrofracking, would not lower your gasoline, or home heating costs by even a penny, nor would it keep them from rising.

The mantra "drill baby drill", Refers to the dependence on foreign oil.

June 8, 2011
2:30 p.m.

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It's not just independence from FOREIGN oil that we need, but OIL. It's been 37 years since our first oil crisis and we've still got our heads up our ... er in the sand.

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