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January 19, 2011 Poll Results

Should SUNY colleges and universities be competing for state funding?

Yes 36% 38 votes
No 63% 65 votes
Total: 103 Votes

Note: This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


January 20, 2011
3:05 p.m.

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SUNY "leaders" are seriously misguided in their attempts to convert the system into low-brow techie trade-schools for training uneducated industrial dociles; bored button-pushers. This idiotic go-fight-it-out strategy would predictably emphasize geographic advantages and ultimately destroy remote campuses and the small towns that depend on them. Instead, state "government" should re-institute a stock-transfer tax, attrit staff deadwood, get solvent and face its responsibilities.

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