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January 17, 2011 Poll Results

Should there be stricter gun control laws?

Yes 42% 112 votes
No 57% 149 votes
Total: 261 Votes

Note: This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


January 18, 2011
11:05 a.m.

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When in the name of common sense are people going to realize that it's people killing other people NOT the guns!! Just look at our gun laws as they stand now. It's not very easy to obtain a gun these days. Oh sure, keep piling on more and more restrictions that the law abiding citizen who has the right to own and possess a gun must jump through. Now, don't that make you feel better? Yet the screwballs who have no history of mental illness or criminal history STILL GET A GUN and BANG!!!!! OK now, let's figure another blocker for the law abiding citizen/gun owner to jump through and another and another. Makes ya feel good now don't it? WHAT IS NEEDED IS ENFORCEMENT ON THE STREETS BY THE COPS ON THE STREETS. IT'S TIME TO TAKE THE CUFFS OFF THE BEAT COP AND LET THEM DO THE JOB! It will work (it once did didn't it?)at least they will get the illegal gun guns off the street and get control of the streets back.

January 18, 2011
2:40 p.m.

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Lets enforce the laws we already have on the books - including giving law enforcement agencies enough money to do their jobs!

January 18, 2011
4:22 p.m.

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i feel what is needed is more intervention when people have mental health issues. and more resources for mentally ill people that they don't have to suffer in silence or act out violently when all seems lost.

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