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February 9, 2011 Poll Results

What do you think of Schenectady Mayor Brian Stratton leaving office before his term is up?

I think the governor made an excellent choice 28% 103 votes
I think he should have served the full term the voters elected him to 41% 152 votes
Other 30% 112 votes
Total: 367 Votes

Note: This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


February 9, 2011
7:09 p.m.

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Stratton was a do nothing Police hating Mayor that never cared for the quality of life issues in Schenectady

February 10, 2011
9:36 a.m.

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I agree with a local talk-show host that instead of rewards (the new position), the Mayor and Fire Chief should be under investigation for conspiring to defraud the public. Cuomo has had a record for going after things like that as the AG, and now I see why he didn't get the ball rolling on it before his AG term ended.

I'm against so many patronage jobs being doled out regardless the party. If the jobs are necessary, they should be filled with career civil service servants who serve the PUBLIC regardless of the current swing of the political pendulum - and at the same time eliminating the constant on-the-job training. If the jobs are not needed (most likely not), eliminate them. Political appointees should not extend any further down the organization chart than one step below the elected official.

February 10, 2011
12:34 p.m.

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I didn't think Stratton was the best the city could have had as its' mayor, but, he wasn't the worst, either. And I don't blame him for leaving now. He decided he wasn't going to run for a third term and Cuomo, as new gov, as positions to fill NOW. I only hope City Council treads VERY carefully with who it decided will be mayor temporarily.

February 10, 2011
1:10 p.m.

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with the State in so much financial hot water, the Gov should be *eliminating* these patronage jobs, not filling them!

February 11, 2011
8:45 a.m.

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I agree with 'twohands' the Gov should be eliminating and/or consolidating agencies/jobs..not filling them. I'd like to know what expertise Stratton has in regards to running the state's canal system....????

February 11, 2011
10:19 a.m.

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Well, "readitdaily" - I tend to think of the Canalway Trails as a long sidewalk, open to bicyclists. Look at Schenectady sidewalks and you'll see the expertise.

February 11, 2011
6 p.m.

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I can't see Schenectady sidewalks- the mayor has been too busy to make sure they are clean.

February 13, 2011
2:42 p.m.

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Considering the immediate past clowns & stooges that he followed, not bad. Is S-town still corrupt, well,....... you make the call!

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