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Should the state put an end to pork barrel grants?

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Yes 91% 234 votes
No 8% 22 votes
Total Votes: 256

Note: This is not a scientific poll.


January 5, 2010
10:58 p.m.

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mhowie ( mhowie ) says...

If they stop handing out pork, can I have some of those tax dollars back?

January 7, 2010
11:21 a.m.

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bubba53a ( bubba53a ) says...

That "This is not a scientific poll" is an understatement.

A better poll question might have been "Should State Legislature member items be eliminated?"

"Pork", in my way of thinking, is more like the riders legislators attach to pending bills as a payoff for them voting in favor of another legislator's bill.

January 7, 2010
11:30 a.m.

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anichols ( anichols ) says...

Where do you accept poll suggestions? I would like to see this one answered: "If you see the police have set up a speed trap, do you flash your lights as a warning to oncoming traffic?"


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