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Should Canajoharie receive state aid to offset losses caused by Beech-Nut's departure?

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Yes 42% 100 votes
No 57% 134 votes
Total Votes: 234

Note: This is not a scientific poll.


August 30, 2010
11:13 a.m.

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WordWiz78 ( WordWiz78 ) says...

No, of course not. The state is broke, for one - or actually, beyond broke. State aid should be used for emergency situations, such as damages caused by massive flooding, or for when freak blizzards hit a city, or some other catastrophe occurs. Beech-Nut leaving Canajoharie is not a catastrophe. It may be an economic set-back for the town, but it's not something they can't recover from on their own. Look at the number of towns that thrive without ever having had a large corporation such as Beech Nut in their midst. If they can do it, so can Canajoharie. When GE began cutting way back on its Schenectady operations and laying off workers and outsourcing jobs, did Schenectady cry poverty and run to the state for help? No. It picked itself up by its bootstraps and continued on. It may not be the crown jewel it once was, but it continues to survive. Canajoharie will do the same, without state aid.


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