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September 15, 2009 Poll Results

Should public employees be required to live in the communities in which they work?

Yes 52% 193 votes
No 47% 178 votes
Total: 371 Votes

Note: This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


September 16, 2009
9:05 a.m.

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Great, a new form of discrimination!

September 16, 2009
9:24 a.m.

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Municipal Employees need to have a stake in the outcome of races besides who will most enrich their paychecks. If their salary comes from tax dollars, they should also have to pay the taxes from which it comes.

September 16, 2009
9:25 a.m.

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Anic, why is that discrimination? Don't you think that a community is served better by the people that live there? Don't you think that is the first place leaders should look for people to serve their community? I don't think people should be uniformly shut out if they don't live there, but the people that do should be given first crack.

September 17, 2009
5:48 p.m.

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If people live in a city they know for themselves what streets get traffic when, what areas don't get really cleaned up for days after a heavy snowfall, which streets are safe to walk after dark, how much it means when they raise taxes/fees even 1%.....

September 18, 2009
6:53 a.m.

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editorial, you have a mistaken idea of municipal employees' concerns if you think they are interested only in the sizes of their paychecks.

MDogsMom, the issues you mention are valid ones for street and police departments, but everybody pays taxes everywhere. I haven't heard of any place that isn't raising property taxes.

In a small community, limiting employment to residents would be a fast way to politicize the office work. Clerk likes you: you get your work done first. Clerk hasn't liked you since first grade: you get moved to the bottom of the pile.

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