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October 26, 2009 Poll Results

Do you plan to vote next Tuesday?

Yes 82% 258 votes
No 17% 56 votes
Total: 314 Votes

Note: This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


October 27, 2009
2:14 p.m.

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Vote Republican

October 28, 2009
4:42 a.m.

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Ditto, except in the 23rd Congressional District where party leaders decided to offer up De De Scozzafava, a faux-Republican. Ms. Scozzafava is pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage and anti-2nd Amendment rights. If those are your values, you should be supporting the Democratic candidate. If not, please vote for Doug Hoffman, the Conservative candidate.
We can't afford another pro-bama member of our state delegation.

October 28, 2009
9:04 a.m.

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As AdirondackAl well knows, DeDe Scozzafava is ProGun Rights and is the only candidate in the race endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

In their endorsement the NRA said of Scozzafava: "During your tenure in the New York Assembly, you have been a strong and consistent supporter of the Second Amendment. You are the only candidate in this special congressional election with a solid pro-gun legislative record."

October 28, 2009
3:23 p.m.

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If someone is running unopposed, don't vote for them, it only shows approval of the lack of choice.

It's not as if they're going to lose anyway.

October 28, 2009
4:52 p.m.

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Most importantly, VOTE. Voting is one of the only times you get a direct say over your government. Study up on the candidates, make an informed decision and vote for whoever you think is best.

October 28, 2009
6:01 p.m.

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What mhowie said... a lot of people in this world get shot or blown up for voting.

October 29, 2009
12:14 a.m.

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Vote for yourself! There is not one good one in the lot of them. They are all BAD! At least in Schenectady. Hopefully the other area's have a choice.

October 29, 2009
10:42 a.m.

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Charlton voters will have a "Breath of fresh air" on Election Day when voting for a Councilman.

October 29, 2009
3:58 p.m.

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Vote every single incumbant out of office during the next 4 years and watch how the politicians start listening to what "We The People" have to say.

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