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February 27, 2009 Poll Results

How has the economic meltdown changed your approach to your 401(k) account?

I contribute less each pay period 6% 15 votes
I contribute more each pay period 6% 17 votes
My contribution remains the same 31% 77 votes
I mostly changed my selection of funds 7% 18 votes
I had to stop contributing and withdraw money from my 401(k) 14% 36 votes
I do not have a 401(k) account 34% 85 votes
Total: 248 Votes

Note: This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


February 28, 2009
9:56 a.m.

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You are correct, Bags. Last summer, before the "fall" we got out of the market, and took our business out of New York State. Just in the nick of time. I shutter to think of what we would have lost if we had stayed in the markets and in NYS.

February 28, 2009
11:19 a.m.

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Bags, if the Gazette is "so narrow minded" why do you read it? Of course there are other ways of saving for retirement. Everyone knows that. But this particular question was about 401ks. If you have good information for our readers about investing why don't you write an editorial piece for consideration for our paper or give our business editor a call for a story suggestion? Once and for all, why don't we use our energy positively instead of negatively? Sheesh!

February 28, 2009
5:25 p.m.

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oooooooo that smarts, Bags... not really.
I am proud to work at the Gazette. And I'm glad you read our online version, that I am happy to help produce. All the best, Bags. I hope you reconsider an editorial piece or a news tip to our "rag."

March 1, 2009
5:59 a.m.

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My employer offers no 401k match contribution so I'm going to look else where, any suggestions?
....Bags I'm not a huge fan of the Gazette either, we all have our favorites but it's my hometown paper and in my opinon way better than the TU. You just don't make any sense with your rants.

March 3, 2009
6:45 a.m.

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Bags, sure we can agree to disagree with everyone who disagrees with me!
And FYI....the reason I read my hometown newspaper is because of the relevant news not sentimental are a definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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