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March 27, 2008 Poll Results

Should the convictions of Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossain, the two Albany Muslims accused of supporting terrorism, be overturned by a federal appeals court?

Yes 38% 124 votes
No 51% 167 votes
Don't know 9% 32 votes
Total: 323 Votes

Note: This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


March 27, 2008
8:18 p.m.

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It is unfortunate that they supposedly agreed to participate in the assassanation of a diplomat but, do you think they'd try again?! They have families, ties to the cap. dist. Give them another chance. Hard time in a fed pen should be reserved for hardened, insane, violent criminals. Agree?

March 28, 2008
12:19 a.m.

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They DIDN'T agree to participate in the assassination of a diplomat!! Can't you tell fact from fiction? THEY did not plot this, it was NOT generated by them, the GOVERNMENT plotted this, the government made it up. And if you read the evidence, neither man "got" any connection between the loans that were taking place and the fiction (as in: novel, best-seller, imagination, not true/not real/not actual) of the assassination mumblings. There was NEVER intent on anybody's part, rat or victims or government, to assassinate anybody. Assistant US Attorney General James Comey said, at the sentencing: "There is no evidence of terrorist activity." These men were not convicted of trying to assassinate anybody, they were led on and entrapped by a criminal ratting to save his own worthless skin, who was himself zombied and supported and handsomely paid by the government, who turned a loan 10 months later into his fictional plot. This is what the government calls "material support of terrorism." Doesn't that make you feel nice and safe for when the real terrorists come by?

But I salute your open heart, and agree the men should be given another chance--by having their convictions overturned and coming home to their families, where they should have been all along.

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