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Do you agree with the U.S. Supreme Court decision that people have the right to own guns for self-defense?

Yes 80% 459 votes
No 17% 101 votes
Not sure 2% 13 votes
Total Votes: 573

Note: This is not a scientific poll.


June 27, 2008
1:21 p.m.

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schdygirl ( schdygirl ) says...

First off I will say I am thrilled that our civil liberties have been upheld. Since the Wanna be right have been in office we seem to be losing them so fast its hard to keep up. Secondly, I would like to ask adironackal how many times masked men with guns have invaded your home? Or possibly a family members home? or maybe even a neighboor or even anyone you know personally? When was the last time you even heard of it happening to a stranger on the local news (when they werent involved in some type of criminal activity themselves)? Sounds a little paranoid to me. And you have the nerve to call other people "looney."

June 28, 2008
6:28 a.m.

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annarondac ( annarondac ) says...

This is a forum for all opinions. And yes, in bigger cities, it's called home invasions. If you live close to Mexico, you will understand this concept.

Although this is a victory for our civil liberties, I'm amazed that it was a 5 to 4 victory. 4 Supreme Court Judges were in favor of taking away our civil liberties. It gives meaning to having a conservative president pick judges who will not legislate from the bench, but uphold our basic rights.

June 28, 2008
9:17 a.m.

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superdave1919 ( superdave1919 ) says...

If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns

June 28, 2008
9:19 a.m.

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superdave1919 ( superdave1919 ) says...

actually schdygirl....It has happened to two people I know right here in schenectady....dont you ever read the gazette?

June 28, 2008
1:29 p.m.

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annarondac ( annarondac ) says...

I posted this in part in the Leader: Criminals will have guns whether guns are legal or not. I am glad that I have a choice. Why give criminals the advantage?

One other point, when a shooter goes into a public place with the intent to kill as many people as possible, I would feel safer that someone with a concealed weapon permit be present to take the shooter out before total damage occurs.

June 30, 2008
4:50 p.m.

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lawschoolorbust ( lawschoolorbust ) says...

Just to clarify - there is no explicit right to self-defense within the Constitution or more specifically the second amendment. The "Right of the people to keep and Bear Arms" is a fraction of the run-on sentence divided by three commas that make up that amendment. Further, I'm not sure that the Supreme Court ruled that people have the right to own guns for self-defense. I think the Supreme Court ruled that the DC ban on handguns was unconstitutional - which it technically is.


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