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Does faith trump sense? Yes, for some

I don’t want to get everyone stirred up again, but I must say I’ve been overwhelmed by the response I got to my harmless little commentary on the soon-to-be saint from the Mohawk Valley, Kateri Tekakwitha, and on her supposed father in heaven, whom I irreverently referred to as the invisible man in the sky.

Large spirits help rebuild ‘the Junction’

Four and a half months after the great flood caused by Hurricane Irene, you can walk through Rotterdam Junction and see house after house still standing empty, in some cases with waterlogged furniture and junk piled out in front as if the flood had been just yesterday.

School aid cuts prod teachers and districts

Of course I am enjoying the flap over lost school aid due to the reluctance of teachers to be evaluated on their job performance.

Shooting on Bridge Street a little clearer

So I have to revise my picture a little bit of the party last June in the Mont Pleasant neighborhood of Schenectady that ended with a 15-year-old boy being shot to death.

Hot idea to zing economy: shoot craps

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has an idea for invigorating New York’s economy — for boosting tourism, creating jobs and increasing tax revenue.

Job openings for ex-cops of the right party

I called over to the sheriff’s office in Schenectady the other day to see if it was too late for me to change my enrollment to the Conservative Party so I could get a job, and I guess it’s too late.

Answer to the friends of Kateri

This newspaper and I have been fairly deluged with letters since I wrote my harmless little comments on the Blessed Kateri and her alleged miracle, and I must admit those letters have made some arresting arguments.

Balltown hill: Where did it go, and why?

If you ever have occasion to drive down Balltown Road in Niskayuna, or to come into Niskayuna across the Rexford Bridge, you will have noticed that something is missing, namely a large densely forested hill that had overlooked the Mohawk River probably since the last Ice Age.

Census survey: Answer up or face the music

The Census Bureau asks questions of some 250,000 randomly selected households a month, in 24 pages of what it calls the American Community Survey, and you won’t be surprised to learn that some red-blooded Americans object.

Kateri and her miracle revisited

I should have known that my remarks last week about the miracle attributed to the Indian girl Kateri from the Mohawk Valley would not be received with universal joy.

‘Occupy’ goes into the history books

So, Occupy Albany is no more. The police swept in armed with a court order and pepper spray, took down the tents and ousted the occupants. I stopped by the next morning with the intention of interviewing those who might have returned for a daytime vigil and found there were none.

Miracle laid to Kateri of Mohawk

Big news for the Mohawk Valley and specifically for the shrine in the town of Mohawk dedicated to an unfortunate Indian girl who lived in the area more than 300 years ago, one Kateri Tekakwitha.

Surviving in Mexico not so hard

I am back from my vacation in Mexico, ladies and gentlemen, or will be by the time you read this, and can report that my wife, who accompanied me, and I are still alive. We did not get beheaded, kidnapped, tortured or shot.

Bullfighting survives in Mexico City

Taking a brief break from mayoral politics in Schenectady as well as Republican presidential politics in the nation at large, I attended a bullfight in Mexico City the other day, as I had promised myself I would. I have toiled these many months without respite, and I convinced myself I had earned it.

Be careful if you poke fun at religion

Maybe you noticed the letters the last couple of days taking me to task for some innocent remarks I made about the field of Republican presidential candidates and in particular about Mitt Romney.

Thanksgiving, and what’s for dinner?

I know as well as the next fellow that turkey is the officially sanctioned dish for Thanksgiving and that not to serve it is almost as bad as not standing for the National Anthem at a baseball game, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

Another case of a Muslim getting set up?

Here we go again: A low-life Muslim convert is arrested on charges of plotting terrorism, as described in a dramatic press conference starring top officials, and only by listening very carefully or by reading the criminal complaint very carefully do we discern that the low-life Muslim convert had the assistance of a government “confidential informant,” not further identified.

Oh, spectacle of the GOP contenders

Oh, these Republican candidates for president — aren’t they a bunch?

Bruno not off the hook, faces new trial

Well, good news and bad news, as they say, for former state Sen. Joe Bruno. A federal appeals court yesterday reversed his conviction for depriving us of his honest services, which was the good news, but opened the door for him to be retried under a new interpretation of the law he supposedly violated, which was the bad news.

Occupiers of Albany not backing down

Interesting developments with Occupy Albany.

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