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E.J. Dionne: The fight against phony ‘populism’

American workers battered by economic change finally won their moment

David Harsanyi: Beyonce’s ‘sweatshops’ actually help Sri Lankan workers

How Much It Sucks to Be a Sri Lankan Worker

George Will: The inaugural address we won’t hear, but should

The possibility of a Donald Trump presidency

Do we have our environmental priorities straight?

The Gazette article, “Has dredging worked in the Hudson River?” (March 31) and the editorial, “Provide better answers on impact of PCB dredging” (April 3) serve to illustrate the failures of the dredge project from day one.

Eugene Robinson: By continuing attacks on Clinton, Sanders helps Trump

Bernie Sanders is playing a dangerous game

John Stossel: Improve health care with less government involvement

President Obama's proudest accomplishment is increasing the number of Americans with health insurance

Linda Chavez: Trump’s resistance to releasing tax returns raises all kinds of suspicions

Ryan’s decision not to quickly endorse Trump will leave a substantial number of Republicans unhappy

Richard Cohen: GOP Chairman Priebus sells out party by selling Trump

I don't know Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican Party

Froma Harrop: Portrait of living is not painted by numbers

Numbers are how one keeps score

George Will: Who will follow Donald Trump off the political cliff?

Donald Trump: “We’ve got to get rid of the $19 trillion in debt.”

High notes

In Schenectady, over a dozen members of the Rotary Club turned out to help clean up Vale Park, leading this week's roundup.

David Harsanyi: The GOP has been bad, but not as bad as you might think

“Republicans gave President Obama everything he wanted”

George Will: Due process is being kicked off college campuses

Duke lacrosse rape case fit the narrative about campuses permeated by a “rape culture.”

E.J. Dionne: Make America empathetic again

First rule in elections is: Go for the votes you can get

Five myths about transgender issues

Over the past few years, transgender issues have moved into the spotlight in a big way.

David Harsanyi: Obama’s N.C. lawsuit not about civil rights

Some of us care little about the debate over public bathrooms

Froma Harrop: What Team Sanders should do now

Bernie Sanders is almost certainly not going to be the Democratic nominee

Charles Krauthammer: Republicans now must reconsider what they stand for

What lies behind Donald Trump’s nomination victory?

Linda Chavez: Republicans have an obligation to defeat Donald Trump

Donald Trump is now the presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican Party

A Mother’s Day present for Mother Earth: Stop dumping waste on her

On this Mother’s Day, how about asking the DEC to take action on the desecration of New York with poisons from other states?

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