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Bills aimed at helping children exposed to drugs

In 2015, 13-month-old Kayleigh Mae Cassell of Kingsbury died after police found heroin and cocaine in her body.

Experience needed on Schenectady's City Council

Citizens voting to fill the vacancy on the Schenectady City Council created by the resignation of John Ferrari should elect Karen Zalewski-Wildzunas to the board.

Local experience gives Walsh the edge

When it comes to relative experience helping children and families, there's not much difference between the two attorneys seeking the state Assembly seat being abdicated by Jim Tedisco.

Steck smart, independent

Assemblyman Phil Steck is bringing a thoughtful, intellectual, critical eye to what's going on in Albany.

Santabarbara is in the trenches with citizens

If a single mom complains that a damaged fence is letting light into her windows from a nearby industrial area, he's at the scene calling town officials to get the fence fixed.

Niccoli will bring fresh perspective to Senate

46th Senate District Endorsement

Keep Tedisco fighting

49th Senate District Endorsement

No excuses for being unprepared in Adirondacks

Careless, unprepared hikers put rescuers in danger, cost taxpayers money

Wrong direction on toll collection

Electronic toll collection shouldn't be used by states as a cash cow

Gazette endorsement: Clinton the clear choice

Gazette endorsement: Clinton the clear choice

Hillary Clinton has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience needed to perform the most difficult job in the world: president of the United States.

Put off legislative pay raise until next election

It's time to stop all the monkey business regarding the proposed pay raise for state legislators.

All budget talks should be open

"Political caucuses" on budgets are an excuse to make tough decisions behind closed doors

Non-compete contracts hurt the little guy

Non-compete contracts hurt the little guy

State attorney general's proposal will protect low-income workers, small businesses

Speak out on Colonie dump plan

Public hearing last chance for citizens to influence DEC on decision to expand landfill

Don’t dismiss concerns over election security

The saying goes that just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean people aren’t out to get you.

Crack down on college loan tactics

If you want to make an extra payment on your car loan or your mortgage in order to reduce the amount you want to pay in interest over time, you can usually do that.

Cut out the insults; stick to the facts

Cuomo-DiNapoli feud starting to cloud credibility of reports

Reconsider nuclear plant subsidies

Large diverse coalition opposes Cuomo administration credits to rescue aging nuke plants

Schenectady cops need body cameras

If you watch the dash-cam footage from a Schenectady police car during a 2015 assault on city police officer Mark Weekes, you get an idea of how the cameras can be so valuable.

Toughen laws to save young drivers

Every parent knows that feeling. That sinking feeling when their child gets behind the wheel of a car.

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