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Lawyers need to get tech savvy

Many in legal profession behind in knowledge of technology, hurting clients, clogging courts

Don't punish seniors for state snafu

Delay in Enhanced STAR rebate checks affecting people's ability to pay school taxes

Allegations raise more suspicions for Cuomo

Yet another scandal touches Cuomo

Registering to vote? Time is running out

Oct. 14 registration deadline quickly approaching

High Notes: Sports for visually impaired, parks cleanup, Melanie Foundation

Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

Let former inmates vote upon release

Restoring right to vote ease transition of former inmates back into society.

Don't link pay raise to ethics reform

Governor bribing the Legislature on ethics seems unethical

Is renewable energy plan worth the cost?

New report chastises conservation initiative as costly, ineffective

Clifton Park would benefit from a park


Clifton Park would benefit from a park

Clifton Park should loosen the purse strings and work together to give residents what many have long been clamoring for — a community park they can call their own.

High Notes: Suicide prevention for vets, hospice help, backpacks for the needy

Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

Get together to solve looming teacher shortage

Ask 100 people to come up with the reasons for the looming teacher shortage in New York and potential solutions to it, and you’ll likely get 100 different answers.

Debate questions should include one on government transparency

President sets the tone for open government at all levels

Don't just rely on stars when picking a nursing home

Plenty of resources available to find most suitable place for yourself or loved one

Where was Cuomo?

If the governor didn't know about corruption in this major project, why didn't he?

What's taking so long on Schenectady mayor's chase investigation?

Four months seems a long time for citizens, parties to wait for resolution

Glenville's early budget forum gives citizens input

How often have you picked up the paper, only to learn that your taxes were going up next year or that the town was planning to add two police officers or cut money for pothole repairs?

Ethics: Hold candidates accountable

New York officially tops in corruption; hold candidates' feet to fire on plans to change it

Not easy getting control over school violence

You can’t fault the state for not taking the problem of school violence seriously and for not actively trying to address it.

Is the Schenectady County Airport fence worth $427,500?

It's one of those small, hardly noticeable government expenditures that leaves you scratching your head.

New York non-voters blew their big chance

When our state legislators come back to Albany later this year and start in with their usual dysfunctional, unethical shenanigans, everyone will be whining and complaining.

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