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Maintain, protect our splendid national parks

As we celebrate the centennial of the National Park Service this month, it’s a good time to remind ourselves how important it is to preserve these spectacular areas, as well as the other natural resources we have in our own backyard, which allow us to experience and enjoy the environment in its purist form.

Why hold back on drug test results?

Leaving out information only leads to rampant speculation

DEC finally lends clout to PCB debate

It's GE's mess and they still haven't finished cleaning it up

Movie tax credits can work if done right

The problem is, states like New York don't do them right

College wrong to defy boycott

Higher education should be role model against discrimination

High Notes: Homeless donation boxes, benches to honor deceased, lake cleanup

Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

No tax breaks for Olympic medalists

Save the tax breaks for those who need them or who have earned them

Pink: The new orange?

Perpetuating stereotypes no way to get women interested in hunting

Not a patriotic necessity to fly flag on moving fire truck

Find a better way to demonstrate love of America

State sends message connecting boating, motor vehicle DWI crashes

State sends message connecting boating, motor vehicle DWI crashes

No longer will drunk boaters with DWI records get away as first offenders; law is long overdue

What's the excuse for this audit?

Another audit critical of state economic development efforts raises questions about what we're getting for our tax dollars

Tax cap is leverage in state mandate fight

Once local governments start raising taxes again, state has no incentive to curb mandate abuse

Cuomo needs specifics to counter economic development audits

When politicians don’t like the criticism being levied at them, they shoot the messenger.

Set NYRA and horse-racing free

Set NYRA and horse-racing free

If anyone needs a reminder about how vital horse racing is to tourism and economic development in this state and our region, there's no better time to get it than right now.

Set horse-racing free

If state wants racing to thrive, it has to let go of the reins on NYRA

Entire FOIL law must be followed

Governments try to put up roadblocks to speedy release of documents

Animal cruelty a disturbing trend

There's no difference between a farmer killing woodchucks to keep them from digging holes that his cattle can step in and two cops running one down with a golf cart, right?

Regain some fear behind the wheel

Two warnings issued in the past week by the state Department of Motor Vehicles about our driving habits demonstrate how casually we've come to treat the act of driving and how we need to get back a little of that original fear.

High Notes: Cheap tools, playground for disabled, Night Out

Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

Infrastructure funding: It’s wants vs. needs

How quick we all are to condemn someone who chooses to buy beer and cigarettes, but then claims he doesn’t have enough money to adequately feed and clothe his children or pay his rent. Yet we ignore it when the state essentially does the same thing.

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