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SUNY needs its own version of the tax cap

After the Legislature put the brakes on five consecutive years of tuition hikes this year, SUNY trustees again want lawmakers to give SUNY schools permission to impose regular annual tuition increases for the next four years.

State needs consistency on bed taxes

Inconsistent taxing system costs Clifton Park and other towns needed revenue

Tax break veto hurts the hungry

Cuomo shoots down tax break that could have netted needed surplus farm products for hungry families

A big victory for public access to records

Cuomo reverses course, signs bill to reduce delay tactics in release of public records

State should ban conversion therapy

Discredited practice a threat to LGBTQ community

High Notes

Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

Many obstacles to overcome in legalizing marijuana in New York

New York state legislators can’t even agree on how to spell marijuana. Don’t count on them legalizing it anytime soon.

Shop local for the holidays

Shop local for the holidays

Small Business Saturday reminds holiday shoppers to support their neighbors

How about showing some civility, people!

Remember when your mother or your teacher said if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

Think before you leap at Albany gondola

Think before you leap at Albany gondola

Before anyone invests the up to $30 million needed to build the project, taxpayers and local government officials should be skeptical about how much it would cost, how much taxpayers would have to pay, and how much use it would actually get.

PCB effort might be too little too late

Come on. Everyone knew the river wasn't cleaned up when they stopped the dredging project last year.

No raise, no ethics reform. No surprise.

The state Legislature, already the third-highest-paid state government body in America, isn't getting a pay raise this year. They probably won't pass meaningful ethics reform, either.

We must condemn all acts of hatred

We don't know if there is true racial hatred brewing, or just thoughtless idiocy being exhibited by young pranksters who don't comprehend the incendiary potential of using the symbols and words of hate.

High Notes: Helping veterans and Italian earthquake victims

High Notes is a feature of The Gazette Opinion section that appears every Monday to spotlight the many good works being done by individuals and organizations in our communities

Modification, not replacement, needed on Electoral College

With the news that Hillary Clinton has become the second Democratic presidential candidate in 16 years and the fifth candidate in history to win the popular vote but still lose the election, many are saying it’s time to get rid of the Electoral College and replace it with one-person/one-vote system.

Protesters displaying disrespect for electoral process

Protesters displaying disrespect for electoral process

A lot of people were disappointed, and some downright depressed, about the outcome of Tuesday's presidential election.

Honor veterans with helpful legislation

Honor veterans with helpful legislation

Today is Veterans Day, a day not only to honor those who protect us from our enemies, but also to consider ways we as a nation can help over soldiers when they've completed their service.

Sign fiasco is New York State's own fault

The feds have repeatedly been telling the state since 2013 that its new tourism promotion sign campaign violates strict federal guidelines for lettering, graphics and other factors.

It's over! Now it's time to reflect

It's over! Now it's time to reflect

Finally, the damn thing is over.

Your vote will have a big impact

"It has been said," Winston Churchill once told Parliament, "that democracy is the worst form of government, except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time."

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