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Abortion ruling will put women in danger

*Abortion ruling will put women in danger
*Certain words convey age discrimination
*Republicans to blame for rise of demagogue

Let engineers decide fate of the Nicholaus building

Safety trumps history when it comes to saving old downtown building

Pre-Nazi Germany also promoted fear

*Pre-Nazi Germany also promoted fear
*Raising smoking age a threat to freedoms
*Denial of rights, no solutions from Trump
*Nothing wrong with Ted Cruz’s response
*Help for gamblers, free 24/7 Wi-Fi for all

Report casts concerns on MMA safety

State Athletic Commission ripped in report for unsafe medical practices involving boxing. How will it handle MMA?

Charles M. Blow: Internal issues add to challenges faced by Democrats

Convention: Democrats come with enthusiasm, but with reservations

Worried about drop in cancer screenings

*Worried about drop in cancer screenings
*Defacing of mailbox disrespectful to U.S.
*Restore baby nursery at Bellevue center
*Court right to strike down abortion limits
*Paper missed Mount Carmel Church festa
*Historians provide value to community

Founders eschewed two-party system

*Founders eschewed two party system

Time for a law on leaving kids in cars?

Incidents of unattended children dying in cars might mean a law is needed in NY

Electric car batteries have ecological costs

*Electric car batteries have ecological costs
*Fed up with Clintons, Obama, status quo
*Mayor disrespected city police officers

High Notes: Swimmers for CF, painting over graffiti, community garden

Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

George Will: Bending people to his will, Trump reinvents the GOP

Donald Trump’s dilemma is that he burns some bridges by the way he crosses others.

Mychal Denzel: Obama has failed Black Lives Matter

No life deserves to go unmourned

Why waste money to fix Oak Street bridge

*Why waste money to fix Oak Street bridge
*In good conscience, don't vote for Clinton
*Don't focus on one group that "matters"

Social media plays to our anti-social side

Earlier this month Sara Niccoli, the supervisor of the small western Montgomery County town of Palatine running for a seat in the state Senate, was bitterly criticized on social media for not placing her hand over her heart and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Governor’s split allegiances serve only himself

Do you identify with a party that you actually aren’t an official member of?

State lawmakers must get handle on spending, economic development

When Gov. Andrew Cuomo gets back from his shining moment at the Democratic National Convention and when state legislators get back from summer vacation, the first thing they should do is focus on two disturbing reports, both released Friday, that illustrate the depth of New York’s economic and governmental problems.

Move-over law should apply to all

All motorists by the side of the road need protection from passing cars

Democrats are not serving the people

*Democrats are not serving the people
*Free Wi-Fi serves the city’s underprivileged
*Clinton: Be specific in what you'll do for us

State fines hurt local taxpayers

Money could be put to more productive use

Still waiting for just one accomplishment

*Still waiting for just one accomplishment
*To critique Israel, use trustworthy sources
*Harrop didn't have Carlson suit just right
*Need better solutions to making U.S. great

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