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Extend comments on Dominion air permits

*Extend comments on Dominion air permits
*Schenectady taxi rate hike is long overdue
*Gun control backers ignore abortion’s toll
*Grateful to lady in red dress for her honesty

Don't fear the roundabout. Embrace it.

Don't fear the roundabout. Embrace it.

Schenectady roundabout will ease congestion and improve safety, so you have to learn how to use it.

Charles Krauthammer: Clinton still leaves us wondering: Why vote for her?

“The best darn change-maker I ever met in my entire life.”

Accomplishments of Clinton easy to find

*Accomplishments of Clinton easy to find
*Hillary did nothing as a New York senator
*Serving greater good can help the economy
*Grateful for support of family care-givers
*Too much New York City news in Gazette

High Notes: Free soccer clinic, story hour, boat race fundraiser

Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

George Will: Exactly how entangled with Russia is Donald Trump?

Vladimir Putin’s regime is saturating Europe with anti-Americanism

Use correct terms in gun control debate

*Use correct terms in gun control debate
*BDS effort threatens First Amend. rights

Lifting ban on funeral food good for NY

It's a good sign whenever the state loosens regulations on business competition

Governing requires people to compromise

*Governing requires people to compromise
*If he trusts Christie, can we trust Trump?
*Create firearm license to control violence
*Climate change facts have been debunked

Close secrecy loophole

Now the state is hiding public records on excuse that they're being used for a criminal investigation

Eugene Robinson: Trump out-Trumps himself with Russia hacking views

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

School ‘choice’ robs from public education

*School ‘choice’ robs from public education
*GOP can still avoid a Trump presidency

Should legislators get a pay raise?

On Tuesday, members of the New York State Commission on Legislative, Judicial and Executive Compensation recommended that the governor, state legislators and other state officials receive a pay raise of 47 percent.

Contacting your state officials

Contacts for the governor and state legislators

Abortion ruling will put women in danger

*Abortion ruling will put women in danger
*Certain words convey age discrimination
*Republicans to blame for rise of demagogue

Let engineers decide fate of the Nicholaus building

Safety trumps history when it comes to saving old downtown building

Pre-Nazi Germany also promoted fear

*Pre-Nazi Germany also promoted fear
*Raising smoking age a threat to freedoms
*Denial of rights, no solutions from Trump
*Nothing wrong with Ted Cruz’s response
*Help for gamblers, free 24/7 Wi-Fi for all

Report casts concerns on MMA safety

State Athletic Commission ripped in report for unsafe medical practices involving boxing. How will it handle MMA?

Charles M. Blow: Internal issues add to challenges faced by Democrats

Convention: Democrats come with enthusiasm, but with reservations

Worried about drop in cancer screenings

*Worried about drop in cancer screenings
*Defacing of mailbox disrespectful to U.S.
*Restore baby nursery at Bellevue center
*Court right to strike down abortion limits
*Paper missed Mount Carmel Church festa
*Historians provide value to community

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