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Schenectady must demand preservation

*Schenectady must demand preservation
*Schenectady school officials owed praise
*African-Americans slighted on Regents
*Deer antler points: How many to count?

We must resist the urge to fuel the divisiveness

In the wake of a week of violence in which this nation saw two black men killed by white officers under questionable circumstances, and on a night when we saw five police officers gunned down in Dallas by a man upset over the racial implications of the killings, it is vital that we not allow our overwhelming grief, bias or fear to get the best of us.

Summer sci-fi provides a balance for reality

The Sharon Springs Thanatopsis Pleasure and Literary Club met recently, and the topic of discussion was science fiction in general, and summer blockbusters in particular.

Raising smoking age to 21 will save young lives

Raising smoking age to 21 will save young lives

The Schenectady County Legislature can take a significant step to save lives.

Interrogation tapings are about fairness

Purchase of videotaping equipment is worth the taxpayers' investment

Linda Chavez: To end growing terrorism, Islam needs a reformation

Islamic terrorism: the single biggest threat to stability in the world

Stop the Republican witch hunt of Clinton

*Stop the Republican witch hunt of Clinton
*We have more than Clinton and Trump
*Raising smoking age will help cut cancer
*Grateful for support of Scotia car show

It may be too late to douse fireworks

Now that people have had their fun, repealing laws unlikely to have any effect

Contacting a higher power on fireworks

*Contacting a higher power on fireworks
*Disregard for animal life is discouraging
*Maintain traditional restroom separation
*Trump not being held to a higher standard
*Put Blenheim bridge money to better use

Strengthen controls on business tax breaks

Comptroller's audit of Excelsior jobs program spotlights flaws with all economic development programs

Sanders needs to end his selfish campaign

*Sanders needs to end his selfish campaign
*Maybe dock Onrust ship near new casino
*American principles reject stereotypes
*Never said veterans were owed anything
*Armed civilian helped save lives in S.C. case
*Trumpery definition deserved higher play

Superintendent's salary too high for taxpayers

Schenectady school board inconsiderate of taxpayer woes

Ted Rall: Time to address real reasons for rise of Brexit, Trump

Securities markets and the international community reeling that British voters opted to leave the European Union

Froma Harrop: We should rethink naming wild animals

Animals do not name themselves

Get facts straight on purchase of firearms

*Get facts straight on purchase of firearms
*Don't sell alcohol in any supermarkets
*Coach brought news coverage on himself
*Obama and Clinton enabling terrorists

Start-Up NY not worth continuing

After two full years, economic development plan not providing good return on taxpayers' investment

Let the (fantasy) games begin

Legislature imposes taxes and regulations to protect consumers from online fantasy sports

What else did Spa committee get wrong

*What else did Spa committee get wrong
*Ellis improvements not making difference
*Look at results to see how to curb violence
*Korean War should be remembered too

High Notes

Spotlighting the good being done in our communities

Charles Krauthammer: Did EU vote create a sovereign kingdom or Little England?

The result is the EU, a great idea badly executed.

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