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McLoughlin Take 2: Presidential visits once were big deals

Another of those nearly annual visits is now in the books, proof yet again that several million dollars, a couple of hundred police officers, three bomb-sniffing dogs, and a week’s worth of advance work here in the Capital District by 200 or so White House staffers can make a 145-minute appearance go smoothly.

McLoughlin Take 2: NYRA never got its role as ward of state

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, please do us a favor, will ya? Spare us all the cheap Saratoga T-shirts and the one-size-fits-all caps and the rest of the tchotchkes and just give us an honest break at the betting windows.

McLoughlin Take 2: Some resent ‘privileges’ of disabled

It is one of those wonderful benefits I have discovered as a disabled person: For the first time in more than six decades, women, some fairly attractive, now open and hold doors for me.

McLoughlin Take 2: So many questions, so few answers

Let me ask you something …

McLoughlin Take 2: Editing ‘error’ by NBC News not plausible

NBC News says it was an “error,” not a case of malicious editing to distort the story. Believe that and I have a gaily feathered peacock I would like to sell you.

McLoughlin Take 2: CSEA ads are blatantly misleading

Right about now, it is pretty much a given: If you see it on television, then it has to be true. But wait a doggoned minute. What about CSEA’s TV ad having to do with Tier VI, the reduced-benefits retirement plan for civil servants just enacted?

McLoughlin Take 2: Seniors don’t have to skip prescriptions

Call her “Margaret” if you want; her name is not all that important.

McLoughlin Take 2: Do 2 sneezes require 2 blessings?

Let me ask you something …

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