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A look at science of meetings

A look at science of meetings

By some estimates, we spend anywhere from six to 23 hours a week sitting in meetings, depending on our position in an organization. The higher up we are, the more hours we meet.

Internet changing model for buying a home

Are you ready to buy a house online, as you would a laptop or shoes? Rick Sharga sees it becoming commonplace within the next 10 years.

Dollar General gets good read on the female millennial

Dollar General gets good read on the female millennial

At Dollar General, the female millennial already represents 12 percent of shoppers and 24 percent of sales. Because she wants healthy food items and likes to try new products, the chain just introduced a new private brand, Heartland Harvest, to appeal to her “better for you” side.

Mall’s J.C. Penney focusing on home

Get ready for some changes at the J.C. Penney store at Crossgates Mall.

Effort in state Legislature to ban fee for shopping bags

Several years ago, on a job-hunting trip to Washington, D.C., I had some time to kill between arriving at the Foggy Bottom Metro Station and the three-block walk to the publication where I would interview.

Shopping circular changes may be in the wind

I’m still a pen-and-paper shopper when it comes to making a list for the supermarket. But lately I’ve noticed more and more people checking smartphones as they push their cart down the aisle.

Staples, Office Depot merger off, so rivalry resumes

Staples, Office Depot merger off, so rivalry resumes

In the end, her response was prophetic. I was trying to get a Staples spokeswoman to respond to an email I had sent, inquiring about a promotional mailer Husband had received.

Espresso drinks stirring Dunkin’ success

First came the shot of espresso, then the lattes and cappuccinos created around it, and most recently the hand-crafted macchiatos that delicately layer espresso and milk.
We’re not talking Starbucks, but Dunkin’ Donuts.

Wine trail has good chance to take hold

It was a bright Sunday morning when two dozen of us piled into a tour bus for an excursion to Finger Lakes wine country.

Swipe? Dip? New chip-enabled credit cards causing confusion

I was excited to get my new chip-enabled credit card, sure it would help cut down on the number of times I’d been mailed a replacement after a retail data breach.

Seats at boardroom table still eluding women

Another spring, another proxy season, and another call for public companies to do more to ensure women a place at the boardroom table.

CommerceHub set to go public . . . sort of

CommerceHub set to go public . . . sort of

Can it be more than a decade since we’ve seen a Capital Region company register to sell stock to the public?

Grocery chains ‘battle’ in store ads

Like the chicken-and-egg riddle, it’s hard to say who threw down the gauntlet first.

KeyBank’s deal to help poor has curious provision

KeyBank last week signed a heralded “landmark” agreement with organizations that advocate for the poor, offering $16.5 billion over five years in targeted loans and investments.

Mergers changing grocery landscape

On Monday, shareholders of two European supermarket giants approved their companies’ merger, and on Tuesday the combination got a needed OK from overseas regulators.

A new program brewing at SCCC

Come fall, you might be able to list your college major — straight-faced — by the shorthand “brew.”

'Impairment' of Sears name adds to quarterly loss

Sears Holdings, parent of the Sears and Kmart retail chains,last week said it would take a charge of $180 million in the fourth quarter to reflect “impairment” of the Sears name, boosting losses for the quarter to $5.44 per share. Does CEO Edward Lampert had something up his sleeve

Study to take new look at Lake George traffic

A new study is planned to examine summertime traffic congestion along “The Million-Dollar Half Mile” of Route 9 off Northway Exit 20.

Clothing donation bin regulations on the way

Clothing donation bin regulations on the way

One thing I learned from becoming an empty-nester is that while the kids may leave home, their “stuff” remains.

Prepared food trend heats up at stores

Prepared food trend heats up at stores

The light bulb went on over my head when I heard this number: $15 billion.

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