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How we came to be lovers of reading

My wife and I are proud members of the Friends of Schenectady County Public Library, a cause we believe in strongly and hope to do more for in the future.

The night I wrapped and rolled

For a few weeks earlier this year, I was confined to a reasonably secure facility while I regained my vitality, mobility and at least some of my sanity.

Attending 'Les Miserables'

Wife Beverly and I have been on the disabled list in recent weeks but we were still able to see the show with the help of Proctors staff, who are nothing if not accommodating to their patrons.

Our story: Love blooms in the Stockade

My first enduring memory of Beverly was of her dazzling smile as we introduced ourselves on her front stoop. It still melts my heart.

Special today: Funny Cide with fries

When I did more public speaking than I do today, I sometimes would open with the story of the pig with the wooden leg.
The topic was calculated to be just bizarre enough to get the audience’s attention.

Here’s what’s been going on in my world

“Well,” let me ask you this,” the doctor said. “Do you have a bucket list?”

This little piggy’s still bloodied

My wife gave me a couple of holiday gift certificates, and we went together to use one of them.

Here’s the story behind the haircut

My currently favorite T-shirt says, “The tumor inside my head has done no bramage to my dain.”

Thanksgiving table: always room for more

When I and my siblings were children, my mother ran a little grocery store in our neighborhood, a pocket of working class and poor but proud people who lived a couple of miles west of town, beyond the interstate.

A champion for Uganda’s street kids

A champion for Uganda’s street kids

In Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, Diane Reiner of Colonie is called “jajja,” which means “grandmother,” by the street children she’s helping.

Beyond the woods lie the wontons

Saturday’s warmth and sunshine, following the ceaseless rain and gloom of Friday, buoyed our spirit as we set out on a road trip.

Who needs a hug?

Scientists say the vest is designed to allow people to feel “the warmth, encouragement, support or love that we receive when we receive hugs.”

Celebrating the larger circle of life

Celebrating the larger circle of life

Francis of Assisi, revered as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church, is remembered around his feast day of Oct. 4 by a variety of ceremonies in which animals — household pets of every kind — are brought to church to be blessed.

Bringing ‘Burendag’ to our city

Totally by coincidence, our cookout with neighbors on Saturday occurred on what is known as “Burendag” — “Neighbor Day” — in the Netherlands.

Watching the political conventions

I don’t live, breathe and eat politics like someone I could name whose desk is within spitball range of mine, but I do enjoy the national conventions and I especially like the oratory.

The night the Gilboa didn’t break

We all know someone who specializes in spreading bad news.

Running from a twister with Toto

Who was it who said it’s the journey, not the destination, that matters?

Why we keep Sundays to ourselves

Sunday is my favorite day, despite its unfortunate proximity to Monday.

Witnessing a nocturnal blooming

Witnessing a nocturnal blooming

We compressed our dinner plans when Peter Rumora called because, after all, this happens only once a year.

Perhaps it was someone playing tricks?

I hurried out the front door the other morning, locked it and then stood in confounded silence for a few moments.
The car wasn’t waiting for me in front of the house. Where the heck did I leave it?

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