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Schumer should know better than to trust frackers

Monday, May 12, 2014
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Schumer should know better than to trust frackers

Sen. Chuck Schumer says fracking is good and there is widespread support for it. Congress just gave the green light to ship LNG [liquefied natural gas] overseas, and he's wasting no time getting the message out to the industry that upstate New York is for sale.

Mr. Schumer, we want fracking about as much as we want skin rashes, nosebleeds, lung cancer, earthquakes, tap water you can light with a match and the greenhouse gas, methane.

Why is it that over 210 municipalities have adopted legislation to ban fracking in New York? Maybe it's because we've done our homework and seen the destruction this industry leaves in its wake.

New Yorkers will not be lured by the promise of jobs when it means sacrificing the health of our families and homeland for the profit of a large corporation. What happened to the jobs that were promised by the rebuilding of our infrastructure, or green energy jobs that would restore a sustainable planet?

Annually, $52 billion U.S. tax dollars go to oil, gas and coal companies in federal subsidies.

Someone please wake up Sen. Schumer; he's spending too much time in bed with the fossil fuelers.

Deborah Krol


Immelt has it all over Welch as GE's CEO

In the May 1 Gazette story of GE's offer to acquire Alstom's power and grid businesses, GE CEO Jeff Immelt is quoted, "Power and water is one of our higher growth and margin industrial segments and is core to the future of GE.

Alstom, like GE, is a company built on engineering, innovation and technology." It is refreshing to hear this from GE's CEO.

His predecessor, Jack Welch, never talked about new products or considered technology and innovation important to GE's future.

Welch's core for the future of GE was financial services and insurance businesses.

Welch even tried to sell Power Systems to Siemens so he could more fully transform GE into a financial services powerhouse.

Welch's strategy nearly destroyed GE during the 2008-09 financial crisis. GE was kept afloat by Power Systems and other manufacturing operations as Welch's acquisitions were losing billions.

Welch will also be remembered for inflicting the bureaucratic Six Sigma on GE workers.

Countless engineering hours were wasted to convert completed engineering solutions into the Six Sigma format to qualify as "successful" projects. Even more wasteful were the many Six Sigma projects that quantified the obvious.

Immelt will be wise to not bring Six Sigma to Alstom because the French engineers will revolt.

Mark Markovitz


Casinos will be like brothels of yesteryear

Gov. Cuomo, when your dad delivered his keynote speech at the 1984 Democratic National Convention, he made a very important statement about our democracy, our work ethic, our obligation to make it a better world for our children, and our government's obligation to protect us when we are unable to protect ourselves.

However, I am sorry to report that I am unable to protect myself and that I need your help in protecting myself and the children of the Capital Region from the rich people who have presented their proposals over the last few weeks at both the Giffen School and at Bishop Maginn High School for the construction of casino gambling centers here in the Capital Region.

Can you talk to your dad and ask him whether or not slot machines and casinos violate what he calls "our work ethic"?

Can you ask your dad if building a $400 million gambling casino a few miles from the Governor's Mansion would make it a better world or a worse world for our children?

When I was growing up in the 1940s and 1950s, there were brothels in the Red Light District on Green Street that were within walking distance of the Governor's Mansion.

We are fortunate that the Red Light District is no longer there and that it has become a better world for our children.

Can you protect me and make it a better world for our children?

Peter G. Sokaris


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May 12, 2014
6:32 p.m.
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wmarincic says...

Deborah Krol, oil companies make about twelve cents per gallon of gas and they have to find it, bring it to the surface, refine it, ship it and sell it. Government makes well over a dollar of tax per gallon. Who are the real crooks?


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