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Students providing own tech would help schools

Gary Lvov
Gary Lvov
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Schools buy computers for the web, multimedia and software applications, so it costs around $800 to $1,000 for one computer. This is a lot to spend on one computer when kids can bring in their own devices and save money. Kids would prefer to use their own devices. Plus, most kids already have smartphones.

If kids bring in their own devices and use them for educational purposes, it will reserve money that otherwise would have been spent on computers and/or laptops. Also, it takes a lot of money to care for and maintain a computer, as well as schools have already made budget cuts. If kids bring in their own devices, it will prevent further budget cuts. says that administrators hope these bring-your-own-devices initiatives, recommended in the U.S. Department of Education’s 2010 National Education Technology Plan (NETP), will help cut costs and increase student engagement.

Another factor is that kids have deep bonds with their own devices. Teachers participating in B.Y.O.D have discovered that kids find apps on iPads that help them study for upcoming tests. For example, an app called Factor Samurai is a game where you slice fractions that can be simplified with your finger.

If you slice a fraction that cannot be simplified, you lose points. Kids have also begun to participate in online math forums created by their teachers.

Adding to that, students own a smartphone at younger ages. With 22 percent of students owning a cellphone at ages 6-9 and 60 percent of students ages 10-14, it’s a resource that many educators are arguing should be used in the classroom.

As devices have increased in power and decreased in cost and size, it has become possible for more and more students to bring their own devices into school. This shift has caused many schools to allow students to bring in their own computing devices to help with their learning.

If kids bring in their own devices, it will do a lot of good to schools. Kids will start to be positive about learning because they will be using their own devices.

Kids will be able to do more extracurricular activities than other schools that are not participating in B.Y.O.D. It is the 21st century; it is time schools should become more modern.

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