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Steroid era turned baseball heroes into villains

Michael Angelini
Michael Angelini
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As a baseball fan, I have followed the game since I was a young kid. I started watching the game in the heat of the so-called “steroid era.” Mark McGwire, the monsterous power hitter from the St. Louis Cardinals, was my favorite player. Under these conditions, it is understandable how devastated I was as a baseball fan when the Mitchell Report was released in 2007, revealing some of baseball’s biggest names to be cheaters.

Among these players were names like Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens and of course Mark McGwire. These players went from heroes to villains in the blink of an eye for many baseball fans, myself included. These players tainted American’s pastime. It is sad to see athletes of that caliber throw away their careers just because their egoes are too large to settle for the fact that they made it to the major leagues. In their minds they had to be the very best even if it meant taking performance enhancing drugs.

The Mitchell Report was great for the game of baseball. It weeded out many of the biggest cheaters. However, some still managed to slip through the cracks. One in particular that has, in my opinion, tainted the game the most was Alex Rodriguez. Unlike some of the others who were excellent athletes who became even better due to PEDs, Rodriguez was a mediocre athlete who took PEDs his entire life beginning in high school, some allege.

Rodriguez proved himself to be a mediocre person through all of the things he did to attempt not to get caught. He is currently serving a season-long suspension, which in my opinion is nowhere close to enough. Rodriguez should not only be banned for life from the game of baseball, but thrown in jail and stripped of all the money he has received for playing the game of baseball.

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