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Schalmont football player battles against lymphona

Ben Bartow
Ben Bartow
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Have you ever met somebody that had to give up sports? My friend Dante has cancer. Dante is 15 years old and has lymphoma. He had to give up football.

Luckily, deaths from cancer are decreasing. It is strange because teens don’t usually get cancer. There are about 100 types of cancers; Dante has lymphoma. There are 70,800 people that get lymphoma a year. From cancers there are about 565,650 deaths from all cancers. Dante’s school district is Schalmont. Schalmont is where Dante played football. His fellow teammates are encouraging and helpful. He had lost a lot of his hair from his cancer treatment, but he’s in great shape. I found out that Dante has some positive effects, so he will be a survivor.

“I was really scared because I didn’t know what would happen or if I would be okay,” Dante said. He was in the parking lot of Price Chopper when the doctor called. His mom broke the news to him. Dante has a lot of pain in his hands, back, knees and feet. Dante said, “My mom is really funny and spends all of her time with me. She makes everything happy,” and that keeps him positive.

Depending on what chemo he gets, it makes him feel sick to his stomach. Dante misses his friends and he can’t go to school very much, maybe soon though. He can’t play sports because he has a port that connects to his neck vein and heart and his legs are too weak. “I’ve never had a day of nonstop pain since I got cancer,” Dante said. Dante has a hard time walking and needs help walking up stairs. “I understand when people don’t feel well,” Dante said.

Since our interview, Dante has been going to the gym to rebuild his muscles. The good news is Dante is in remission.



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