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Moviegoers paying steep price at concession stand

Madison Geddes
Madison Geddes
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Every time you go to the movies, do you buy candy, drinks, or popcorn? Of course most Americans do. Studies show that movie theaters make 85 percent of their money at concessions. A man in Michigan sued a movie theater for charging him $8 for a small soda and a box of Goobers. The man walked away in disgust and bought them at a nearby store then was not allowed back in because he had food and drink from an outside source.

Why does food and beverage at movie theater concessions cost so much? A student from Stanford Graduate School said it’s because charging more for food at the concession keeps ticket prices lower. A movie theater owner said you’re not just paying for the price of the food, you’re paying for the cleanup. I personally agree with the movie theater owner; if we cleaned up after ourselves, the prices would be lower.

So next time you start complaining about concession prices, think about this: You wouldn’t drop popcorn on the ground at home and leave it there, so why do it at the theater?



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