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Educators need to get real on Common Core

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Recently in the country and especially in New York state, there has been a lot of discussion about the implementation of the Common Core standards in our schools. As a student I have heard a lot of different people’s opinions on these standards. From what I have gathered most people dislike the new standards. Some people say that it is too complicated for students, making it hard for the teachers to educate their students.

Others say officials are implementing curriculums that will not help students in college and the work force. These people also say the new standards are taking away what is important and useful. I feel our country is focusing only on having the best education system in the world instead of what the student needs to know for real life.

I have also heard a lot of stories that students in elementary schools are being taught things that are way above their age abilities. I believe that teaching children materials that are too advanced for their age will hurt them in the long run. I think that it will hurt them because they will not be able to understand the basics and if you don’t understand the basics, you will not be able to understand more complicated materials.

Also, children’s brains can only develop at a certain rate, and if you teach them difficult curriculum they may not understand it because their brains haven’t developed to the point where they can understand it. I personally believe that if we focus less on being No. 1 on a list and focus more on what is important for the student to understand and have knowledge of, students may have a much brighter future.



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