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Drug testing for jobless benefits right thing to do

Danielle Landers
Danielle Landers
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Unemployment benefits cause a lot of stir around communities. The purpose of unemployment is to provide government assistance to those struggling to find jobs suiting their qualifications. It gives temporary help to enable someone to support themselves along with their families while searching for a job.

Once they find a job they are taken off unemployment. This seems like an effective program, but there are many people that take advantage of unemployment benefits.

The money that is being handed out by the government for unemployment is taken from citizens’ tax dollars. These tax dollars are taken out of paychecks of working class citizens. Therefore, the money being taken away from the working class should be ensured that the money is being given to those who are using it properly.

Drug users should not be able to access this money. This is the reasoning behind drug testing for applicants of unemployment. It is not rare to find those with careers having a mandatory company policy for their workers to be randomly drug tested; this is not illegal. Working for what you have is part of the American dream, right? Why would that be different for anyone else? It is unfair for the people working for their money to give it up to someone that is using it to purchase illegal drugs. Some argue that enforcing drug tests upon unemployment applicants is a violation of civil rights. In reality, this is exactly what taxpayers are also forced to do in the workplace. So, why shouldn’t the people taking away their money be drug tested?

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