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Let prisoners prove themselves before giving them a free education

Thursday, March 6, 2014
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Let prisoners prove themselves before giving them a free education

We all know by now the wonderful ideas of Gov. Cuomo. Let’s educate all the prisoners in our New York state prisons. But when it comes to our schoolage children, let’s eliminate some kindergartens because the districts can no longer afford to keep them in their budget.

First of all, we could give all prisoners who wish to participate in a college- readiness program their preparation for free, given the programs that already exist. If an incarcerated person completes the program, why not give then a chance to have a reduced rate in community college?

Let them show they are really serious before wasting so much money for people who will just throw it away.

We need to help our youngest right now, because if we don’t, they will end up being discouraged because they are forgotten statistics from a government that has a tilted view on entitlements.

I have worked at an area community college and a homeless shelter and have found that those who really want to change take advantage of the smallest of chances to propel them into a better future.

But our youngest have yet to even get there. Taking away from them to give to those who have already had their chance does not seem fair. Yes, our schools need to be reformed, with way too much waste and way to much benefits. I have seen new books and unused paper thrown into Dumpsters every June.

Well, why not give these things to the New York state prison system for them to use?

Don’t shortchange our children because of people who have already had their chance.

Denise Crisci




March 6, 2014
1:33 p.m.
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biwemple says...

My son has a Social Studies textbook that is NEVER used and is almost brand-new. The school district purchased hundreds of these for the Middle School and the teachers emphatically state they do not want to use it, so they send it home to sit on a shelf till its returned at the end of the year. The teachers are doing all the content via websites and worksheets. What a complete waste of taxpayer money in purchasing these text books in the first place!


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