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Editorial: City needs its independent thinkers

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Carl Erikson initially got his seat on Schenectady’s City Council four years ago the way most Democrats have over the past decade: He was appointed by the Democratic majority when a fellow council member moved on for one reason or another. In nearly all cases, the appointments have been of like-minded Democrats ‑ go-along, get-along party types who, as most followers of Schenectady politics are aware, think and vote the way the people who appointed ...

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July 31, 2014
7:54 p.m.

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It seems that both the editorial staff and Sarah Foss agree that Schenectady needs independent thinkers and together mourn the departure of Carl Erikson from the City Council. Currently running as a Democrat, but without the party's blessing, is Patti Southworth who is seeking to replace Hugh Farley as Senator. I hope you will interview her and discover how much smarter and hard working she will be than Madelyn Thorne, the party's designated place-holder. I dare the Daily Gazette to buck the local party and support a candidate who has always done what the people want.
Better yet, do an article an the corruption in the county-based political parties. It's really disgusting.