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GE should boost retiree pensions

Friday, July 25, 2014
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GE should boost retiree pensions

I am writing this letter to see if General Electric can come up with a little pay increase for those of us who have retired.

I can't help but notice that the company is getting big, moneywise, through good investments and expansion. I can't help but to notice that the salaries of those in charge are out of hand.

Let me explain. I worked for the company for 25 years and managed to live well. But upon retiring, I have found that my pension is not good enough to live on without worry.

I currently live on a pension from GE of $440 a month, which is pin money when I read in the papers that they pay some top employees $1 million per year.

I would think the company would sit down and give those of us who worked to keep the company on its feet in the '60s and '70s a little more money in our retirement checks each month.

Richard Lasky


Obama is remaking U.S. in negative way

When one wonders about the varied actions, and inactions, by President Obama, the first thing that should come to mind is his pledge to "fundamentally transform America."

This commitment he made is behind most, if not all, of his domestic actions. The first agenda item after his election was government-run health care. That is accomplished. Thus, the government controls about one-fifth of the nation's economy.

This same commitment to transform America is behind his actions regarding the immigration crisis.

In order to keep this momentum up to change America, he needs to ensure the next presidents will have the same agenda. To do this, he needs an overwhelming increase in the Hispanic, Democrat-leaning voters.

By loading up on new Democratic voters from these immigrants, Barack Obama will ensure the election of liberal presidents for the next 50 years.

His plan is to just flood the country with millions of young illegal immigrants and block attempts to send them home.

Then his liberal judges will give them legal status so they can vote. And since they're young, they'll be voting for the next 50 to 60 years.

He has had over six years to close the southern border, but he will not do that. He wants so-called comprehensive immigration to pass so the millions here already will ultimately be able to vote.

He may verbally agree to close the border, but he will not do it, as he has not done for the last six years. His unilateral announcement in 2012, that he will not deport young illegals, has prompted the new surge of young people from all over the Americas. That surge will continue.

A new America is dawning. Good-bye America as we have known it.

Don Cazer


Writer is wrong: War on women is real

Shame on you Dr. Sandra Malcolm [July 17 letter], Janet and Richard Evans and Joan Monda [July 18 letters]. Actually, the Hobby Lobby ruling was the cherry on top of the Republican Party's "war on women."

More states have passed abortion restrictions during the last two years than in the previous decade. Actions of all the Republican-led states is where the war is. For example, wealthy women in Texas can have an abortion in the privacy of their local ob-gyn at any time. Price and time needed is not an issue.

Women with zero insurance or are making $7.25 an hour who only use Planned Parenthood offices now have to travel hundreds of miles to one of four or five clinics left in all of that huge state.

Texas also has waiting periods prior to an abortion so hotel accommodations have to be paid for -- war on certain women. Republican legislators in those red states continue to add invasive ultrasounds as laws -- war on women.

Republican legislators in those states added laws that require doctors who do abortions to have admitting privileges in the local hospitals; then the local authorities deny the admitting privileges -- war on women.

Some women can only take certain contraceptives. What if one of the four denied by Hobby Lobby is the only one you can take?

I am sure no one told Mrs. Hobby Lobby what contraceptive she should use, except her doctor.

Yes, this is a war on women and I am sure women will be telling those who think its not a war on Election Day.

It's still a "war on women." But I guess no religious problem with men taking Cialis or Viagra.

Diane Hombach


Kudos for response to water main break

I want to thank the Rotterdam officials, Town Board, the volunteers, the Red Cross, Price Chopper/Golub, as well as the Rotterdam Police Department and Fire Department, who assisted the homeowners and businesses during the June 30 water main breaks.

Since it was over five days that we had to boil water, a water tank to fill jugs and bottled water were made available. The centralized location on Curry Road was perfect and convenient.

The six breaks were repaired within 36 hours, which was amazing. The county used an automated phone system to notify the residents. And to top it off, the water station was struck by lightning, injuring those who were assisting. A big thank you to all.

My only concern was that the food businesses remained open. One has a private well, which I fully understand, but the others: How did you clean, serve and obtain all the water you needed to run your facility?

Nancy Ostapow


Dog owners must be held responsible

Re July 18 article, "Dangerous dog alerts proposed": Something about proposing that municipalities announce dangerous dog alerts so that residents can avoid the neighborhoods said dogs reside in seems backwards to me.

I would prefer that the taxes I pay be used to strictly enforce that dangerous dogs have no access to the neighborhood.

It doesn't seem far-fetched that some people would prefer to keep dogs fierce enough to keep their fellow citizens from having access to the sidewalks and, thereby, virtually "control" the streets.

There is no place for dogs like that in a community setting. Dog owners should be on notice after one infraction. A second incident would mean the dog needs to be put down.

This also means it is imperative that aggressiveness needs to be reported and recorded and enforced.

Maureen van Heusen


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July 25, 2014
9:27 p.m.
+1 votes
wmarincic says...

Diane Hombach
There you go making stuff up again. Did you think you could get away with your outright lies? First the Hobby Lobby ruling was not a ruling for Hobby Lobby by republicans. The ruling upheld the Religious Freedom Act that was brought to the Senate by Chuck Schumer and Co Sponsored by Nancy Pelosi in 1993. This bill was signed into law by Bill Clinton., Schumer, Pelosi and Clinton are all the most liberal of liberal democrats in government so that would mean that this is a liberal democrat ruling and the democrats are waging a war on women according to your statement and standards.

As far as what if one of the four out of twenty contraceptives that Hobby Lobby supplies are all a woman can take? Simple answer since none of these four pills are contraceptives but rather abortion pills let me use a Hillary Clinton's words that she used about four dead Americans in Benghazi, " what difference does it make anyways".

So you see Diane, not one single part of your letter was even remotely true, it is what liberals like you do all of the time, you keep saying the same old lie over and over again until people believe it's the truth. It's people like you that are dividing this country and causing such antagonism and downright hate.

Let me give you some fact that can change your life. There is no such thing as cold, cold is the absence of heat. There is no such thing as darkness, darkness is the absence of light, Finally evil and lies are simply the absence of God. Have a nice weekend.


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