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Gap in coverage

Officials eye temporary home for closed Hamilton Hill library

Josiah Corker, 8, left, and his brother Christopher Corker, 10, use the computers at the Schenectady County Library Mont Pleasant Branch on Crane Street in Schenectady Wednesday.
Photographer: Peter R. Barber
Josiah Corker, 8, left, and his brother Christopher Corker, 10, use the computers at the Schenectady County Library Mont Pleasant Branch on Crane Street in Schenectady Wednesday.
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This story has been changed to reflect the following correction: Two children were misidentified in this story. They are Josiah and Christopher Corker. SCHENECTADY -- During the bitter cold in early January, a teenager rode his bike a mile up State Street, trekking from Hamilton Hill to the nearest library. But he didn’t make a habit of it. And most of the other teens who were regulars at the Hamilton Hill library branch have not ...

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January 17, 2014
7:52 a.m.

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Why not look into a simple free shuttle bus service or expansion of CDTA route or school bus route that is available to transport kids and adults from point A in Hamilton Hill after school to point B main library and back? The more time you cant get these at risk youth to spend in the library the better.

January 17, 2014
10:12 a.m.

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This is nonsense. The people at Carver, the County and the library should all be ashamed. I do NOT believe that there were reported crimes committed against the people who worked at the library. Where is the proof, Mr. Karl? Names and dates. It won't be a detriment? To whom, exactly? He obviously didn't grow up in the Hill or anyplace like it. I still want to know how the decision was made as to what company will be building the new library and how can any one possible think that it will be ready in a year??? If the discussion is only beginning as to what the public wants - it will certainly take longer that a year to get it ready and built. Typical lies and corruption.

January 17, 2014
10:25 a.m.

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Regarding the entire Hamilton Hill Library issue:
1) Why is the library being made the "fall guy" for Carver's closing? Why isn't the Gazette doing a thorough investigation into the reasons Carver suddenly shut down and all its inadequacies? Why aren't Carver trustees taking responsibility for their actions?
2) Why can't the Schenectady City School District independently, or jointly with the library, provide computer access to residents?
3) Why is nothing being reported on the County's lack of support for the entire Schenectady County Public Library system and their systematic efforts to completely demolish it? Severe cuts in both the materials and staff budgets and diminished hours have affected the Central Library and all of the branch libraries. The county manager lacks vision, micro-manages and nitpicks. County legislators pay lip service to the library but are ignorant of what's actually going on. How will county residents react when they see headlines about the temporary or permanent closings of other branches in the system? At least the county has a plan in place for Hamilton Hill's replacement. I fear that hours and services at the remaining library facilities will gradually erode until nothing is left--and by then it will be too late to speak up.

January 17, 2014
12:33 p.m.

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It's quite amazing (then again not so) that we have this situation where at risk children and families have to buck the system to get any support. When we have children willing to learn never mind keeping them out of trouble, that setting up a library where they live becomes another bureaucratic boondoggle. What we need is a SWAT team of concerned citizens who can get both the facility built fast but also get these people to and from existing facilities in Schenectady. Corporations make a big deal of giving free rides to drunks during holidays - why not a system set up to transport these people now?
Fred Miller