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Editorial: Dogs, owners prove they can't be trusted

Monday, August 11, 2014
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If someone was looking for a reason to euthanize the two dogs at the top of Schenectady's Most Wanted list, then they needed look no further than the owners and the people who helped take and hide the animals.

People are passionate about their dogs. And they will downplay dangerous characteristics in them that defy reality. They'll justify the right of their animals to be raised at home rather than taken away and killed because they love them. It's human nature.

Just look at how they played it up for the press the other day when they were forced to return the stolen dogs to city custody. The big pitpull and the bigger mastiff were sweet, playing with 2-year-old, ignoring a small crowd of onlookers that included media, and respecting their owners. We wonder, though, what would have happened had one of the reporters had brought along a poodle.

Most people love their pets. But the public's right to live in a safe environment overrides that.

These dogs are multiple felons. They have attacked more than once and they have killed a dog. In the latest incident, the two dogs saw a smaller dog approaching with its owner on the other side of the street, leaped out an open window, crossed the street, and tore the dog apart.

Kevin McKearn obviously can't control them. You should be able to leave a window open in your house in the summer and trust your pets not to dive out of it to attack something. And whether he was aware of what his sister and father were doing when they took the dogs and hid them in defiance of an agreement with the city doesn't matter, either. It just further demonstrates that the adults in this case can't be trusted to protect the public from these dogs.

Some animals are just too dangerous, and their owners are just too irresponsible, to be left to their own devices. And when that happens, the animals, unfortunately, have to pay.

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August 11, 2014
6:04 a.m.
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Selfish, narcissistic, sociopathic lying, me first, denial, enabling, no accountability...denying the right of others to live free and the right to the pursuit of happiness and the right to have any peaceable quality of life. Why are people like this, people that name their pets,their loved ones,Vic (Michael Vic) and Tyson (Mike Tyson)...two documented convicted abusers, allowed to have no accountability and a press that allows that gives them support. Where is the responsibility of the Press?...same reason selfishness and greed in this case to sell more to the public that supports this.

August 11, 2014
8:59 a.m.
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dbsoxs says...

Get your facts in order. Kevin is the father, Sean is the dog owner and son of Kevin. Lindsay is the daughter of Kevin. Obviously you went by an earlier story or photo gallery where you had your info incorrect.I do agree with your opinion though.

August 11, 2014
7:28 p.m.
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tonijean613 says...

This scenario is playing out across the country and it always seems to be this breed of dog. Clearly, its an aggressive dangerous breed. And I agree with Scott regarding the naming of the pets- both named after violent aggressive fighters. That is telling about the owners intention or view of their own dog. I'm not sure how I feel about having the dogs put to sleep, perhaps an alternative is a "Doggy jail" deep in the Adirondack's away from people- that the owners are required to pay for if they don't want their dogs put to sleep. But these dogs def should never be allowed to reside near other people.


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