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Reader provides view from Israel of Hamas attacks

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Reader provides view from Israel of Hamas attacks Mr. Tom Ellis proves once again that he is sorely in need of a history lesson [July 24 letter]. Following is the view of an Israeli Jew living under rocket fire in Tel Aviv, who will provide an eloquent riposte to Ellis’s rant: "I will not apologize for surviving. For surviving missiles intended to kill me. The fact they didn’t kill me doesn’t mean they weren’t sent ...

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August 2, 2014
3:23 p.m.

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Page Salenge, great letter, thank you for writing it. These idiots don't realize that radical Muslims feel the same about everyone that is not a Muslim. Almost 300 million Muslims are radicalized, that is the population of the U.S. and they want to kill every single person that is not just like them. Look at what's happening in Europe and even here in Michigan. People better wake up because 18-25 percent of all Muslims want to kill you and that includes the ones here in the United States.