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Bring it on, Gov. Perry

Friday, April 25, 2014
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Gov. Andrew Cuomo doesn't seem like the kind of guy who shies away from a fight.

So we wonder why, in the face of a challenge from Texas Gov. Rick Perry to debate their respective states' economic policies, our governor would brush off the invitation.

Perry has been campaigning in New York this week to entice businesses into abandoning the Empire State in favor of the Lone Star State, touting Texas' low taxes, light regulation and nice weather.

Cuomo, meanwhile, has spent much of his three years in office selling New York's improved business climate, promoting our improving tax burden; the new Start-Up NY tax-free zones; new tax breaks for banks, manufacturers and corporations; our education system and quality workforce.

With all that going for us, Cuomo should jump at the chance to take on all comers who think they can steal business away, as the brash Texas governor is blatantly doing — on Cuomo's turf, no less.

Surely, our quick-witted, sharp-tongued governor would make mincemeat of a former door-to-door book salesman who once forgot part of his own platform during a presidential debate. Surely, he could argue quite convincingly that New York has far more to offer prospective businesses than low taxes and good seats for the Dallas Cowboys.

If New York is truly a superior destination for business, then why not put this buckaroo bully in his place and debate him?

If Cuomo is unwilling to defend the state's economic policies to another governor, how can he defend it to businesses?

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April 25, 2014
7:27 a.m.
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roberttodt says...

Cuomo turned down the invite because he knew he had nothing to stand on. Cuomo ignores existing established businesses, and allows them to move out leaving the New Yorkers to pay the bill. Gives totally free taxes to outside companies, Leaving New Yorkers to pay the bill. Passes the (UN)Safe act in the middle of the night, punishing the legal, law abiding people of New York.
He definitely does not stand up for us.

Bob Todt

April 26, 2014
7:29 a.m.
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wmarincic says...

And let's not forget that Christian gun right advocates should leave the state. BTW Gazette, that door to door book seller has turned a state with a huge deficit into a huge surplus and he did it by cutting taxes, not raising them. When will you liberal loony tunes understand that tax and spend does not work. Let's look at some other states and Conservative Governors that cut taxes and created a surplus. Bobby Jindal Louisiana. John Kasich Ohio. Scott Walker Wisconsin. Rick Scott Florida. Jack Dalrymple N. Dakota See Gazette a little research goes a long way. Do you want to talk about liberal failed Governors and States like Washington, Oregon, California etc.

April 27, 2014
12:02 a.m.
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ChuckD says...

"The assets and deferred outflows of resources of the
state of Texas exceeded its liabilities and deferred inflows
of resources by $158.6 billion as of Aug. 31, 2013,
an increase of $10.1 billion or 6.8 percent from fiscal
2012. The majority of the increase is primarily due to
an increase of $4.6 billion in unrestricted net position.
The net position is comprised of $74.4 billion in capital
assets, net of related debt, $65.5 billion in restricted,
and $18.7 billion in unrestricted."
I'll go out on a limb and suggest that one reason the Democratic Party hesitates to respond to this kind of right wing strutting-about-with-your-manhood-in-your-hand attitude is because most of it is so freakin' over the top they can't believe grown adults would actually behave that way.
Chuck(not a Democrat)D


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