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Romney’s criticism of president unfair and unfounded

Saturday, April 5, 2014
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Romney’s criticism of president unfair and unfounded

I read with amusement Mitt Romney’s criticism of President Obama’s foreign policy. Romney said that no one can believe America’s standing in the world is better now than it was five years ago. Let’s look at the facts.

Under the previous administration of George W. Bush the United States spent $1 trillion on a completely unnecessary war in Iraq that accomplished nothing except to kill a lot of people, destabilize that region of the world and embolden Iran. The perpetrator of the World Trade Center disaster was free in Pakistan and we were torturing POWs [prisoners of war] in violation of international treaties. The United States’ standing in the world was at an all-time low.

President Obama has brought troops home, has brought some measure of justice to the families of the 9/11 victims, has eliminated torture from the American playbook, and has decimated Al-Qaida with devastating drone strikes that have been carried out in the face of withering criticism from his left.

The president has worked successfully to build an international coalition for crippling sanctions on Iran that have had the effect of bringing that country to the negotiating table and, perhaps, to their senses. The president drew a line in the sand regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Although President Vladimir Putin of Russia helped, Obama’s action is resulting in the elimination of chemical weapons stockpiles from Syria.

I agree with Mr. Romney that Obama has not always pleased Sen. John McCain, [former New York City Mayor] Rudy Giuliani and others who believe the United States’ standing in the world depends on our willingness to use military force, often alone, to solve the world’s problems. President Obama makes important foreign policy decisions after careful deliberation, after consultation with our allies and after building consensus. This is intelligent leadership, and I applaud the president for his skillful stewardship of our foreign policy.

Seeing Mr. Romney lash out aimlessly as he did, I am ever more confident that the voters made a good decision when they re-elected President Obama to a second term.

Richard M. Alvarez




April 5, 2014
6:35 a.m.
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wmarincic says...

Richard M. Alvarez. Now let's talk fact. Bush went into Iraq to stabilize it because Saddam was killing Kurds with chemical weapons. Bush actually followed through with his "line in the sand". He also went in with full Congressional approval after UN reports that all agreed the Iraq had chemical weapons. At the time the weapons were thought to have been moved to Syria, what a surprise that Stria had hidden chemical weapons stockpiles that they too were using on their people. Putin saved Obama on that one. One more little fact or maybe two. More U.S. Soldiers died under Obama than died under Bush and as you said, Obama is using drones and even using them on U.S. Citizens which is a clear violation of the 7th amendment. I would also differ with you on Al-Qaida , three words, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.


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