Obama breaking laws as media turns a blind eye

Monday, September 2, 2013
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Obama breaking laws as media turns a blind eye

It has become increasingly clear that Barack Obama is not interested in being an American president. He’d rather be its tyrant. This man has openly ignored laws he doesn’t like, his refusal to deport certain groups of illegal aliens being the most prominent example. He unilaterally changes laws that are inconvenient to him, as seen in the delay of his own Obamacare mandates. Nowhere does the Constitution permit a president to do this.

Add to this his misuse of government power. This administration used the IRS to target their political enemies. The openly violated the Fourth Amendment by snooping on the e-mail and Internet activity of millions of Americans.

The imprisoned an innocent film-maker in a ham-fisted attempt to convince American that the attack on our Libyan embassy wasn’t an act of terrorism. When Obama isn’t ignoring laws, he’s breaking them.

But perhaps worse that Obama, was has always been a left-wing extremist, is the behavior of the American media. If George Bush did the slightest thing wrong it was reported on for months on end. Yet of all of Obama’s scandals only the IRS and NSA debacles have received even a week’s worth of serious coverage. And that was only because they became too big to be ignored without making the networks look incompetent. The media envisioned by our founders as a check on government power now actively hides and conceals Obama’s misfeasance.

Had they done their job and applied the same standard to Obama that they do to Republicans, we wouldn’t have a president tramping on our rights with impunity. We wouldn’t have a President Obama at all.

David Welch


Candidate criticizes sheriff’s department for technology already there

As a Saratoga County resident, I have taken particular interest in the race for Saratoga County sheriff. I am intrigued by the candidate who is the self-proclaimed “21st century sheriff” — Mr. Jeff Gildersleeve.

Mr. Gildersleeve has said time and time again that he will advance technology in the sheriff’s office. He has been quick to point fingers and criticize the department and its members. Does Mr. Gildersleeve realize that the sheriff’s office has advanced technology to pinpoint a cell callers exact location? That each patrol car is set-up with the Internet and at the main station?

That the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office has a computer operated dispatch system that requires no voice transmissions to send out complaints? Does he even realize that the sheriff’s office answers cell 911 calls for the entire county?

Rather then criticize the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office and its men and women who serve our community, Mr. Gildersleeve would be better off educating himself first before making absurd statements that are so 19th century.

Jesse Scott


Vote for Jill Polk for Family Court judge

Schenectady County voters are fortunate to have a candidate for Family Court judge of Jill Polk’s caliber and integrity.

Jill, an accomplished and respected attorney, has 20 years of experience in Family Court and was instrumental in bringing child care and mediation services to the court in order to ensure that the children and families of Schenectady are treated with compassion and fairness.

Jill understands the importance of family stability in a child’s development, education and opportunity. Her commitment to children and public service is unmatched and her election to the Family Court bench will serve the families of Schenectady County well.

Voters should support Jill Polk on Sept. 10.

Frank Maurizio


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September 2, 2013
7:22 a.m.
Phils2008 says...

No doubt about it David. The media and the low information voter gave us this clown of a President and they're not about to admit they screwed the country. They make excuses for every illegal act, his relentless campaigning on the tax payer dime, his unbelievably expensive and exhaustive vacations as well as his constant golfing. He is interested in nothing more then the perks of the office. He isn't a leader and is followed only by the brain dead fanatics that care little for America and live to take from others. If they take the next election they will kill whats left of America.

September 2, 2013
8:41 p.m.
tues8capt says...

David, Phils,
I concur totally, as do so many of my older-aged friends. Unfortunately we have brain-dead voters who haven't a clue; oh, well, if the government says it's true, it must be! What's your bet that Hillary will amass a huge following despite the fact of Benghazi; "what difference does it make?" For God's sake, she's married to a guy who was IMPEACHED! Now he's the greatest thing since sliced bread! The media has spent so much time on this Trayvon thing, but no mention of similar cases with the roles reversed. BO congratulates a sports person for coming out of the closet, but says nothing about the former SEALS who gave their lives in defense of our freedom. What absolute hypocrisy! BO has done more to damage this country than anyone in my 60-some years. Stay the hell out of Syria; in fact, get us out of the Middle East, we will change nothing; cut off immigration; shut our borders; ship the extremists back to where they belong; Go, NYPD! It's high time we spent some of the billions of dollars that we give to countries that hate us on our own country's problems, education, infrastructure, unemployment, etc. We cannot solve the world's problems, nor should we police the rest of the world. We need to fix us! But this is only my opinion! Some will disagree, but I've gotten to the point where I don't give a sh.t what anyone thinks!

September 3, 2013
6:38 a.m.
Phils2008 says...

tues8capt, they are not just brain-dead, low information voters, they are Obama sycophants. He is the leader of the parasitic left in this country. JFK was probably the only likable Kennedy and the last vestige of decency in the Democrat Party. "Ask not what your country can do for you", is long gone from that parties platform. They are now the party of gimme gimme gimme. You are correct that Hillary will be the next loser thrust upon us by the media. As long as the media is owned by the Democrats all we have left is hope. Hope that young people will wake up. Hope that the elderly will wake up and hope that some Democrats will finally wake up and see what they are doing to America.

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