Republicans still in denial over damage Bush inflicted on U.S.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
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Republicans still in denial over damage Bush inflicted on U.S.

The Oct. 18 letter from Ken Glindmyer berating another writer for her views on the Republican Party taking America in the wrong direction is just another denial of the facts.

Mr. Glindmyer dismisses the fact that President George W. Bush is the main cause for our national debt. America has been saddled with trillions of dollars of debt from the war in Iraq because of the lies of Bush and his administration. I will agree that this is past history and we have to move on, but I refuse to let those not responsible for this financial ruin to be blamed for it.

Long before I ever heard of President Obama, our country was headed for financial ruin because of the Iraq war and spending by the Bush administration. There was never a spending bill that President Bush even thought about not signing.

Spending bills were passed with no means to pay for them; that became an inherited problem for President Obama.

The recent “shutdown” caused by the Republicans and their tea party allies cost $24 billion in lost economic output. This isn’t counting the cost of the paid vacations given to federal workers during the shutdown.

Mr. Glindmyer should speak with the tens of thousands of workers who were not on the federal payrolls and lost two weeks of wages because Republicans tried to hold the American public hostage to their demands.

The money lost by the shutdown could have gone a long way in funding projects that would have put thousands to work on our infrastructure. Yes, Mr. Glindmyer you are entitled to your opinion. It is your denial of the facts that is in question.

Gary P. GuiDo


Why won’t Spa City Dems declare lake off-limits?

The Democrats are again pushing for an expensive ($3 million for starters and then $1 million to $2 million more every year) expansion of government — an EMS facility.

This time it is on the eastern plateau and involves bringing seldom-used services — not to the poor, but to the above- and well-above-average citizens of our community. If they succeed, we’ll forgive them this innocent destruction of public funds, because there seems to be no malicious intent; this is just the way they roll.

The Democrats are cynically keeping alive their long-held desire to go to Saratoga Lake as a water source for the community. They have carefully orchestrated a benevolent concern for the “lake residents” while never embracing the alternative water resources that surround us: 1) The county water system that Stewart’s nationally award-winning ice cream plant recently hooked up to; or 2) Public Works Commissioner Skip Scirocco’s $1 million investment in the Bog Meadows wells.

No, the intent and, in this case, the names are the same. As was the [case] six years ago, [former Deputy Public Works Commissioner] Bill McTygue and the Democrats led by [county supervisor and mayoral candidate] JoAnn Yepsen have not disavowed their intent to ever use the lake as a water source, thereby bringing in state supervision and seriously jeopardizing boating, specifically motorboats and unfettered use of the lake.

The stakes are high — last time, it was a $20 million bond issue. Lake voters and taxpayers, don’t let your guard down.

Greg Wrobel

Saratoga Springs

Expect more of the same from lousy government

Well, the government finally stopped acting like spoiled children bullying each other, and now the government is good to go until January. I would like to know what assurances we, as taxpayers, have to ensure that this does not happen again. What will happen come January?

History shows that the current government tends to let things get to the point of devastating this nation before they do their jobs. We elected these people in good faith to be our voices and to take care of us and our future. It does not seem like they listen to us, or care what happens to us. They do not have to worry about affording to pay for their homes, medical care and insurance, food, etc. We provide that for them!

So many of us were directly affected by the shenanigans between the two parties, whether we are Democrat or Republican; it does not matter when it comes to our best interest! The government, from President Obama to each senator and congressman, should start working now to prevent this from ever happening again.

I suggest that they take a look at the money the United States gives in foreign aid and consider keeping some of it here in this country to take care of its own people.

Patricia Alexandre


Allow controlled outdoor fireplaces in the city

Everyone loves to have a fireplace or adobe for evenings with family and friends to enjoy the outdoors, with picnics and fun evenings by the fire.

Recently a disgruntled neighbor called the fire department to report a fire in Schenectady [where my husband lives]. Lo and behold, it was just a controlled fireplace, with a fire extinguisher handy if needed. The fire department showed up and demanded the fire be put out.

My family should be able to have a fireplace on our own property.

It’s time the city took action (and generated some funds): Let owners have the fire department come up, approve the fireplace, and pay a fee to the city for the privilege [of using the fireplace].

Dianne Chagnon Burns


Try speed bumps in front of Co-op to slow traffic

Re Oct. 17 letter, “Motorists must be mindful of crosswalks,”to watch out for people crossing in front of The Co-op on Nott Street.

Maybe a help would be to put speed bumps on both sides of the crosswalk.

Peg Lapo



Tuesday’s editorial incorrectly stated that the motorist who struck a Proctors volunteer outside the theater, inspiring a bill aimed at permanently revoking the license of persistently dangerous drivers, had a long history of DWIs. His record contained no alcohol-related convictions or accidents.

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October 23, 2013
12:14 a.m.
jjhehir says...

The speed in Old Niskayuna is much too high; 25 MPH throughout Old Niskayuna would be appropriate. In front of the Co-op, it should be 20 MPH. The police could do a much better job of enforcing existing speed limits in Old Niskayuna also.

October 23, 2013
3:47 a.m.
janesjoys says...

Thank you Mr. Guido

October 23, 2013
6:28 a.m.
wmarincic says...

Gary Guido, Bush spent 4.8 trillion in two full terms according to liberal CBS
Obama has the debt up 6 trillion in five and a half years and Obamacare is not even implemented yet. Put down the Kool Aid.

October 23, 2013
6:56 a.m.
wmarincic says...

You people are so funny, "IT'S BUSHS FAULT' yet in half the time Obama has raised the debt almost 1.5 times higher than Bush. I guess the old adage is true, if you tell a lie enough times people start to believe it. Just for the record, I bashed Bush when he was wasting billions of dollars too, I bashed him on the illegal aliens and I bashed him on Afghanistan. Iraq, we had to go and I had son there on the front lines. These representatives have been in power too long. We need term limits and people that will represent the American people and not their campaign donors, that goes for both parties.

October 23, 2013
7:58 a.m.
Will1960 says...


While it's pointless to blame Bush now for Obama's handling of the WH. You can't be comfortable with the legacy Bush left behind for Republicans. The country's desire to re-elect Obama even after his dismal first term speaks to the damage Bush caused the GOP when he left office. Right now the public's sentiments appear to continue to favor electing Democrats, despite a lagging economy, a chaotic management of Obama'a government run health care and a weaken US role in our foreign policy.
Bush won't be absolved from his performance as POTUS until the GOP reclaim the WH. He deserves a lot of credit for keeping democrats in power, even as they fail miserably at governing. Bush shouldn't be blamed for the current problems plaguing the US, just destroying the GOP.

October 23, 2013
12:23 p.m.
wmarincic says...

Finally Will, something we can agree on. See that didn't hurt.

October 23, 2013
1:18 p.m.
Toid says...

wmarinic -
just to clarify - "spending" and "debt" are not the same thing. Your post references "spending", but the link you provided has a graph of "national debt". They are both important numbers, but if you are going to put yourself out there as an authority, it's important you understand the difference. Debt is a result of both revenue and spending. As you recall there was a big recession starting in Sept. 2008 - and I am not going to blame Bush - because this is not intended to be political - it's just the facts - a large recession happened at the tail end of Bush's presidency that lingered into the new president's term. When the economy shrinks - government revenues go down and it thereby increases the debt even if spending goes down. I'm not trying to be pro-Obama or anti-Bush - we just need to start with the same set of basic facts. Obama was sworn in in January 2009 - so the first federal budget (spending) he could really effect was 2010. Below is a link to a federal "spending" graph. Spending is actually down every year since 2009 - Bush's last budget - and it is forecasted to continue to go down for the remainder of O'Bama's 2nd term. If you want to talk about revenues being down (increase in the natioanl debt) - that is another whole issue and probably a bit more complex than soley blaming either Bush or O'Bama. I hope in the future you more carefully choose your words.

October 23, 2013
7:12 p.m.
wmarincic says...

Toid, correct spending and debt are two different things. I stand corrected, Obama raised the National debt 1.2 time higher than bush and Obama did it in five years. Also, Obama has never put forth a budget, not even when he had a democrat House and Senate. Hmmmm, I wonder why.

October 23, 2013
7:41 p.m.
Phils2008 says...

GuiDo, does Obama have any responsibility for the debt he's rolled up? Any at all? Did Clinton have any responsibility for Bin Laden? Any at all? Did Cuomo, Dodd, Frank and Durbin have any responsibility for the housing bubble? Any at all? It seems the denial lies with Liberals who deny any responsibility for anything they do. Would you like to deny the fact that Clinton had ample opportunities to get Bib Laden? Would you like to deny that had he taken him when he was offered, Bush would never have had to go to war? Go ahead and deny which party started the forcing of loans to those who couldn't possibly pay them. Why dont you deny that Obama crapped away trillions to his buddies and rolled up more debt then all other Presidents combined. Blaming Bush is all you have. Maybe you and Toid can reflect on the dot com bubble that Clinton handed to Bush and the recession that followed. I dont recall the constant droning of its Clintons fault. No Bush just handled it and minimized it. Who are the true deniers?

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