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Lessons of the shutdown

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Well, that worked, didn’t it? Shutting down parts of the government for two and a half weeks and coming this close to default and economic disaster showed that the Republicans were serious about ... what was it, exactly? Something about not liking big government, or debt, or an already-passed bill that tries to make sure all Americans have health insurance, or President Obama, we think. In the end, their message was like a tale told ...

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October 18, 2013
7:47 a.m.

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The Republicans deserve most of the blame for this budget showdown, but the Democrats and Obama do too. The comments Harry Reid makes, and no one calls him on are incendiary, and juvenile. Our dear president displays no leadership whatsoever - he doesn't call, and doesn't write, but rather goes to play golf. His leadership skills would be inadequate for the student council. Moreover, it seems he really likes the trappings of the job - plane, house, and helicopter, but appears to have no interest in the job itself. So the right can take their deserved blame, but to ingore the culpability of the left in Washington's disfuntion is refusing to acknowledge the obvious.

October 18, 2013
9:14 a.m.

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Let's see, as Senator Obama, he spoke against our increasing debt, said the average person was paying to much of the taxes and spoke out against raising the debt ceiling over and over. The people listened and gave him his chance. Now President Obama stomps his feet and won't talk about his solutions. Increasing the debt and raising taxes more than any other president. Passing a health care law that puts the main burden on the youth and middle class of the country, while skyrocketing their costs. That's a great solution.
In the end, all will discover who was fighting for them, and was fighting for themselves.

October 19, 2013
7:35 a.m.

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The Republicans were doing their job, it was Obama and the Senate that said they would not negotiate. That is the way government is supposed to work, Congress passes a bill, it goes to the Senate who makes their changes and then it goes to conference to iron out the differences and then the President either signs it or sends it back to be worked on some more until all agree. Obama was the responsible one here with his little hatchet man, Harry Reid.